A Room With a View

Drivers seat

A view of the drivers position.

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7 Responses to Drivers seat

  1. Jon says:

    Is that a rear camera in the center?

  2. Janie & Ronnie says:

    We are keeping our orientation with USX. Just in case we end up needing a back up plan. You never know these days. Btw I am using my droid x to communicate so please excuse the pieces of information. I really appreciate ur daily adventures with craig and cant wait to hear how this week goes for yall! Also I hope to figure out this word press so that We can do the same for our friends and and family . JANIE & RONNIE

    • Craig Leonard says:

      Hey guys, this is Craig. Yes you really would make .48 a mile with USX plus the $2500 each sign on bonus with hazmat and there its no catch. Our recruiter did not lie about anything. As for a smaller company, all that really matters is your personal relationship with your fleet manager. That is not dependent on company size. Best of luck with WSE. I hope it goes well.

  3. Janie & Ronnie says:

    We changed our mind and decided to go with WSE I hope we dont end up regretting this decision but we chose them over usexpress becouse of the personal relationship they seem to have with their employees. We understand this year is gonna be the toughest and we dont want to be just a number if you know what I mean. So we go to Atlanta for orientation Set for Tues. And I was hoping you could give me some feedback on what to bring? Did you use a duffel bag as they suggest or can we use our pull along suitcase? I personally feel like i could live out of my suitcase easier than a duffel bag not to mention I am 4’11 lightweight and pulling it would be alot easier. Do you think this is a wise choice? I really dont want to start out on the wrong foot with my trainer andre take up too much room (not that it would be any less with a duffel). My next question are there blowdryers in the shower

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      We LOVE USX in case you haven’t noticed. I hope it works out for you with WSE. I can honestly say I have never felt like a number with USX.
      Regarding your questions:
      Yes you could use a suitcase. I used a duffel bag but my trainer actually gave me half the truck for my stuff. Not the usual from what I have heard. You could always keep it on your bunk and use it as a bureau. Just remember there isn’t a lot of space and you don’t need a ton of stuff. I took way more than I needed. Funny you mention hairdryers. I thought they would have them at all truck stops. NOT. Some do but most of them don’t. It really sucked since my hair is long and I didn’t bring one with me and it was winter. Any questions you have just ask. When we started I had no idea what to expect. That was the worst part. Not knowing. Just remember to breath and have fun. It is a total adventure and you will have good days and bad days. The first couple days will be brutal. It is physically and emotionally draining. Then it just gets easier the more comfortable you are with driving.

      • Janie & Ronnie says:

        HI Anne thank you for the helpful information on the luggage and blow dryer! We are headed to atlanta today for orientation with WSE and I was wondering do you drive a auto or manual with USX? Just courious I heard most companies are going with manual not a deal breaker either way for me. Also when we were in school we received a prehire for USX and they were offering 48cpm for teams with hazmat which seems a little far fetched to me and I noticed several recruiters seem to stretch the truth so im just wondering if USX really does pay that well? WSE Is offering 37 cpm which is a huge difference! But then when you look around at other companys out there this seems to be the avg. Pay so my question is whats the deal? there a catch? I have always believed when something looks too good to be true it usually is ya know? We are keeping our orientation

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