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Anne & Craig Leonard:

That’s us!

Who we are and where do we come from? Craig :  I am 54 years old and was born and raised in Seattle Washington.  I actually grew up in Bothell, a little town Northeast of Seattle.  I am the third child of seven with three brothers and three sisters.  I am very fortunate to still have both of my parents.  I have four children ranging in age from 34 to 21 and I have three Grandchildren.  Meeting Anne, I now have two more amazing kids.  I have owned and sold a number of companies and sold my last company to Factual Data in Loveland Colorado in 1999.  This is what brought me to Colorado in 2000 and eventually to a job selling property valuation data to the mortgage backed securities trading desks at all of the investment banks on Wall Street.  This part of my life came to a crashing halt in late 2007 with the beginning of the mortgage and housing melt down.  My marriage fell apart at the same time.  My goal for the next three years was pretty much just to survive and stay in Colorado until my youngest son got through high school which is happening this spring.  I married my amazing wife in July 2010.  We moved to Chattanooga Tennessee in the Fall of 2013 and it has been awesome.  The freight is here but most importantly, the grand kids are here.   My interests include Music (live music fanatic), Scuba Diving, Sailing, Snow Skiing, Travel, Cooking, Wine and Football.  I am quite a foodie so if you are interested, you can follow my food adventures via Yelp.com. http://craigcleonard.yelp.com/ Anne: I am 48 years old and live in Chattanooga, Tn . I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and spent most of my growing up years living overseas due to my Dad’s job. I have two older brothers who live in CA and TX with their beautiful families.  My father and Jacqueline live in France part of the year and Vienna, VA the other part. My mother lives in Yucca Valley, CA with her Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  I went to college in New Orleans but we won’t talk about those years LOL. Had a blast, made a lot of friends and married Tyler and Shelby’s dad. I lived in LA for 20 years until I moved to Colorado, talk about different. I did love it though and I met my husband there. My son Tyler lives in Northridge, CA and my daughter is in Chattanooga with us. She is currently working and planning on taking classes locally. We also had our dogs, Max and Lil Bit. For those of you who don’t know they are my dogs and Craig will concur that I am insane about my dogs. The only way I agreed to the truck driving was if they could come with us. Unfortunately Max died a year ago and we now have Ed.  That is about it. I hope you enjoy our grand adventure and reading our blog. It has been an absolute blast the past few years. I honestly never thought I would enjoy driving as much as I do.

19 Responses to About Us

  1. Dennisroc....... Dennis and Lita says:

    Looks like a nice Blog, Thanks for the info on the TRUCKERSREPORT web site. Just now started looking through here so thanks for putting this up. My wife and I live in Korea, our home is in The Philippines, she is Filipina but we also live in Kokomo Indiana. Took a little vacation to Bangkok a few months back, loved it and that spicy soup 🙂 .

  2. Craig & Annie says:

    Just curious are you still at USX? We are considering going there after my fiance (Annie) upgrades her CDL from a Class “B” to “A”. I/me(Craig) have my Class “A” and have 20 yrs exp. nothing in the last 7 so it looks like some sort of refresher course for me. We live in the St. Louis Mo. area.
    Great Blog and Info.!

    • Craig says:

      Thank you, I am glad the info helps. We know another couple who follow our blog and are now team drivers fro St Louis. We are still with USX and we are still very happy. Keep us updated on your progress.

  3. Kelly Goode says:

    Craig & Anne

    My husband and I are planning taking CDL training at our local technical college this October, a 9 week course, so we can work as a team. It’s very intimidating to change careers, I’m an accountant, but it seems like a good time for use. Its also very encouraging to see a married couple that has been enjoying the life.

    I intend to set up a blog as well, once we get things going, I think it’s a great idea!



    • Craig says:

      Great news. The reason we started this blog was we could not find any information about married team drivers. More information is very helpful. Let me know when you get started so we can follow.

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  6. Jason says:

    Craig and Anne, just wanted to let you know that your blog is GREAT! Wish more husband/wife teams would at least post their adventures on TTR or like this. You will remember me as SheepDog on TTR, I have posted a few comments on your threads. I have tried for a few years to get Teams to post more on TTR and have even started a couple threads on the subject. Have even asked the Mods to create a site for Teams only but to no avail. So again, thanks for you time in putting together this blog and all the posts/threads you two do. My wife and I wish you the best and hope to meet you on the road some day…

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi Anne & Craig,

    Well we have graduated trucking driving school (a month ago) and are now attending orientation at US Xpress. We just took our road tests and I can’t believe how much easier it is to drive an auto shift! haha…

    We are in Tunnel Hill….maybe we will see you guys on the open road!

    ~Sarah & Dave

  8. Cheryl Petersen says:

    Hi Craig!

    Is it possible you are the same Craig who attended a Senior Ball with a good friend from Demolay/Rainbow Girls ALOT of years ago? If you are the world is really SMALL as my husband and I are also in Fort Collins, Colorado! Let me know. Cheryl Petersen

    • Craig says:

      Bothell Washington, that would be me. Of course, I am hardly ever home anymore. My youngest son graduates from Fossil Ridge High School in two weeks so I will be home then.

  9. Sarah says:

    Hi Craig and Anne;

    My husband and I are starting CDL classes on April 30th and plan to “graduate” in mid June. We found your thread about team driving on thetruckersreport.com and that lead us to your blog. We are considering going with USXpress too because we will be able to take our cats along for the ride!

    We currently live in New Orleans!…for 4 years now. Nice to see we have something in common with Anne.

    Hope to talk with you soon,
    ~Sarah and Dave

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      I hope you have as much fun as we do!! I love N.O. Still have family there but haven’t made it that far yet. Not sure I want to drive a truck there. Keep us updated on how its going!

  10. Connie McKenna says:

    wow, no wonder i felt such a connection to you two when we met during orientation in Irving, TX!! i feel like we have so much in common… i’ve lived in great falls, va (close to vienna), been to Bangkok (only on vacation for a couple of weeks ~ it was awesome!), my sisters live in Los(t) Angeles (so i’ve visited often) ~ i LOVE to travel, my Steve plays music when he can get together with his band, ADORE food 😉 we have two dogs too~! and this trucking thing is really feeling amazing! i am so glad to have met you both… i hope we will be able to cross paths again sometime in the near future and share some great stories and FOOD! haha

  11. Vincent Peep says:

    Anne and Craig, This an amazing and courageous thing you are doing with your life!
    I am very envious of you both. It takes a special bond to be able to make this kind of commitment. Yet seeing the world together and writing a blog along the way.

    When you are done, you should think about publishing a little book. You can sell it in the marriage section!

    All the best, my friends,

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