A Room With a View

(01/30/2014)  I just realized I never posted the video of our Volvo.  So here you go.  We freaking love this truck.  So much room and so comfortable to drive.

(04/19/2013)  Wow, been a long time since I looked at this page.  I think a new update is needed as our Peterbilt is way different.  I will work on it this week.  Until I get new pics taken here is a link to the video I took of the Pete.

(12/03/2011)  Most curret iteration of our truck setup.  The first six pictures are the new ones.  We totally changed the upper bunk area with the exception of the refer.  We put in a rack and moved the microwave up and added a toaster oven.  New bins along the back.  THEN, we bought a 22″ flat screen tv and I built a frame for it so we could hang it at the foot of the bed using the strap for the refer.  I am a bit frustrated by the frame since I no longer own a shop and all my tooks are in storage.  Built with a skill saw and a screwdriver.  Not bad for what it is.  I bought an HDMI cable so we now have Netflix through my phone connected to the TV.  Pretty sweet setup.

(09/02/2011  Updated pictures of the inside of our truck.  I will also put together a list of all the crap (I mean stuff) we have bought to make life easier (or more complicated) on the road

OK, here are some pictures of the inside of our truck.  I will make comments on each.  We have seen trucks set up a number of ways but this really works for us.

13 Responses to A Room With a View

  1. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    Some people actually have the camping porta potties. We stop for fuel a lot and at rest stops. I have to get out and walk about every 4 hours and use that time for the bathroom break and to walk the puppies. We do have the little trash bags from walmart that we have for an emergency. You figure out what works for you. Almost everyone I know has something for emergencies LOL.

  2. charlene Everson Feetham says:

    Love the idea of doing this. Have thought about it a couple times thru my life. Son actually got his cdl and is driving locally.

    Have to ask what about the camode? Afraid I would have to stop way to often . Have a portapotty even in my horse trailer thank god. Doesn’t look like enough room and to close to were we are living to have one in this unit. So what do you do?

  3. Jeff says:

    I was wondering how you did the TV? That is a very clear picture of a football game!! Satellite? How is that set up done? I read your entire journey thus far on the trucker report. You never gave an assessment of the GPS you bought. Have you used it much? Would you recommend it? Thanks is advance and please be safe out there. Look forward to hearing more from you folks!


    • Craig says:

      The truck has an antenna. Just [lugged the coax cable into the tv. Does not work when the truck is moving but we have a dvd and also internet (netflix)

      We have the Rand McNally 710 Truck GPS. They sell for about $500 but you can find on sale sometimes. We bought a Cobra and returned it. We love the RM. Kinda bulky but super easy to use and lifetime.map updatws.

      • Jeff says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I have followed the adventure and in just a couple weeks I will start my school. Gonna walk away from the Police Dept after 13 years. Long story there but just want to thank you for putting this out there for us to read and enjoy with you two! Be safe!


  4. Team Trucking Journeys says:

    We Started Setting up our Truck Today, We used your same ideas, with the refrigerator and Microwave, leaves more room for space on the truck, also bought bins for the cabinet behind the driver’s seat, we left the top bunk with the mattress so we can still use the top bunk, so not cramped on the bottom bunk to watch tv or a movie. Thanks for your ideas and posting the pictures.

    Robert & Regina
    US Xpress truck 22933

  5. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    This is a hodge podge of many trucks we have seen. We chose the things we thought would work for us and changed the ones that didn’t work. If anyone has any good suggestions we would love to hear them.

  6. RC says:

    Looks good! You guys really know how to organize!

  7. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    Any questions just ask.

    • Jennie says:

      You mentioned having to upgrade the power inverter. Does the truck company do that or is that something you and Craig did yourselves?

      Love you adventures. I’m getting started in a few weeks. Your situation is the optimum for fun. Congrats to you for making it so nice.

      My best ~ Jen

  8. Mike Moyer says:

    Looking forward to these pictures. Lauren and I are definitely curious what life might be like living in a truck.

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