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Refer and Microwave

Refer & Micro strapped to upper bunk

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4 Responses to Refer and Microwave

  1. Jodi Judson says:

    I know what it’s like going through coffee pots in a truck….my question however, is how do you have your microwave attached to the underside of the bunk? I see the strap but what is under it? I’m driving a 2012 Volvo 580 and there is limited space for storage or to even slide a microwave, etc. into. Any ideas would be great.


  2. Rhonda says:

    Hey Anne & Craig! THANK YOU for posting these! Ron and I have really been brain storming on what to buy and how to get things set up. One of my questions when compairing which company to go with was the all important coffee maker. I am wondering how the single serves are working for you two? Do you find it faster and cleaner? And do you have any issues with the appliances moving about? If you don’t mind my asking, what brand of appliances did you get?
    Ok, I’ll stop Jibber Jabbing, I know you guys are busy driving. So I’ll keep my questions short and simple.
    Thank you for all your posts!

    • Craig says:

      We bought the Cuisinart K-Cup Coffee maker and we love it. The reason we chose it over the Kurig was an 80 oz water reservoir vs a 60 oz on the Kurig. It was spendy, $200, but the trick is to get the 20% off one single item coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond and it makes it $160. It draws 1500 watts so nothing else can be used while it is on and you NEED a 1750 watt inverter. It is very clean and convienent. We went through 4 regular coffee makers that could not take the bouncing and kept making a huge mess. The K-Cups are a little spendy but we love them and buy them at Sams or Costco (much cheaper) The fridge and microwave are stapped in so no, they do not move.

      By the way, we are hanging out with the grandkids right now so not driving. Back in the truck tomorrow.


      • Anne Miller Leonard says:

        We do put a pillow over the coffee maker and tv to keep it from shaking. Just feel safer since we have gone through a few coffee makers. Haven’t had any problems with the new one.

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