The #TigerKing

So, in 2013 we did the coolest load. We had no idea we were working with the #TigerKing. We were contracted to help rescue a load of Tigers, wolves, a lion, a bobcat and a raccoon. A very weird week awaited us. We covered the whole trip in a number of blog posts here. Seven years later one of the hottest shows on Netflix chronicling the life and times of “Joe Exotic”. Joe owned the zoo we were doing the rescue for. I think the producers of the show did a pretty fair job in presenting Joe. The guy has a ton of charisma and you just can’t help but like him. I am not going to go into a lot more detail here. Here is a video of Joe and Anne while we were tranquilizing the animals. Here is link to the beginning of the story in this blog.

Playing with the babies

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2 Responses to The #TigerKing

  1. David says:

    What have you two been up to lately? My wife & I followed your blog and before that I read Craig’s daily updates on while you were both in training at USX. Are you still load planning/dispatching?

    My wife & I team together for a small to mid-size company in North Carolina. We haul a load of dry goods to California then bring back produce. We’ve only been teaming for 16 months. We love it.

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