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Waiting for Mommy

Max’s private little window. He will sit here as long as it takes until she comes back. Pretty pathetic.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Michigan is a bit nippy this time of year.  86 degrees and sunny in Laredo so I am whining for a load South.  January has pretty much sucked for miles.  We are doing fine but doing about half the miles … Continue reading

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Tonight was the first time I’ve called 911 from the truck. I was driving through Illinois and suddenly this car decided he wants to be in my lane. Problem was I was still in it. I swerved and hauled off … Continue reading

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Seattle did beat a one legged quarterback.

There are no hard feelings. I will be rooting for Seattle from here on out. Wish RG3 hadn’t been left in the game but that’s a whole other blog. We just ran from Indiana down to Laredo and praise the … Continue reading

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Anne has lost her mind.  You should ignore anything she posts until i get her professional help

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Huge Dilemma in our truck

Craig is a Seattle Seahawks fan and I am a diehard Redskins fan. Sunday we will be meeting in the playoffs. It is a complicated situation. I hate to see my husband cry. But Sunday he will be crying like … Continue reading

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I hate moving with a passion.

Okay it doesn’t make any difference what you are moving. Moving just sucks. We spent New Years Eve driving through a lovely snow storm in Kansas. Sleeping in the back seat of a Chevy Malibu sucked LOL. Give me my … Continue reading

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