Tonight was the first time I’ve called 911 from the truck. I was driving through Illinois and suddenly this car decided he wants to be in my lane. Problem was I was still in it. I swerved and hauled off on the air horn. He pulled in front of me and then next thing I know. He has driven across both lanes and is in the median. Over compensates and comes back to my lane. First time I have ever seen a driver that out of control. I thought he was going to hit the truck in front of me but he didn’t. By this time 911 has transferred me to Highway Patrol. About a mile ahead I see lots of brake lights and 3 cars have pulled over. Unfortunately he wasn’t one of them. I hope they were able to get more information than I did but felt better making the call. Took me 30 minutes to stop shaking. Finally finish my shift and share my story with Craig. He thought I was honking for kids LOL. I’ll cut him some slack since he is sick right now. Anyway it was probably the scariest thing that has happened while I was driving. Can’t understand why people drink and drive. It is so dangerous.

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