I hate moving with a passion.

Okay it doesn’t make any difference what you are moving. Moving just sucks. We spent New Years Eve driving through a lovely snow storm in Kansas. Sleeping in the back seat of a Chevy Malibu sucked LOL. Give me my truck any day. A drive that should have taken 12 hours took closer to 16. There was a 2 hour nap included in the 16 though. Arrived safely back in Missouri where it was time to move back into the truck. Craig needed to sleep since we were going to head out at night and he drives nights. So off to bed he went. Now I am trying to get stuff back in the truck and have no idea where to put anything. We have these beautiful new shelves on the back wall. No longer have an upper bunk and I am clueless how to make everything fit. In the meantime Steve is fixing the front seats. Oh let me tell you about our new seats. We have HEATED comfy new seats. The passenger seat also rotates so it can face the back of the truck. So while trying to fit everything in the truck it happens to  be flurries outside and it is freaking COLD.  That cold that makes it hard to touch things and your teeth are chattering. But alas everything is in the truck. Key word is IN the truck. I made the bed and stacked stuff everywhere and anywhere I could fit it. My back is killing and so over moving. Exactly the same feeling whether it is moving into a truck or moving into a house. UGH. After being off for 2 weeks it is an adjustment but today we got a little more put away. Pictures will follow but not until I get everything put away.

Christmas was absolutely fabulous. It was so awesome spending time with the kids. Of course all things I planned to get done at the house…. not done. Must be Murphy’s Law. I hope to get it done by the summer LOL. Then we will most likely be moving into a different house, I may just throw everything away and be done with it. Not likely but at the moment it sounds heavenly. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Years.

2013 is going to be an amazing year!!!!

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1 Response to I hate moving with a passion.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    “I hate moving..” seems to be such a curious intro title for someone who does it for a living. But even those of us who are ground-bound real people can appreciate. Take care. Dad

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