It Feels Good To Be A Snitch

Yesterday, we were on I-82 in Southern Washington on our way to Seattle and we watched this lady sideswipe a pickup as she came onto the freeway.  I watched her in my mirrors for a minute and she was obviously drunk and all over the road. I called the Washington State Patrol and over the next 15 minutes or so talked an officer into an intercept. This woman was so wasted it is a miracle she did not kill herself.  Most of the action was behind me but near the end she sped up and passed me so we got this.  This was about a minute before the trooper caught up to her.

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My husband is the biggest Baseball fan I know.

My husband is the biggest baseball fan I know. He loves everything about the game. He has a zillion stories that involve memories with Dave Niehaus. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought Dave was a family friend. Actually he was a part of the family. Every year during spring training Craig tells me “This is the year for the Mariners” It has been 7 years that I have heard this comment and every year I agree with him. One of these days it will happen. We go to as many games as we can. Last year we drove up to Cincinnati to watch them play. It happened to be Ken Griffey Jr bobblehead night. We saw them in Atlanta and every trip to Snohomish we try to get to a game.

Spring Training Peoria

When Ken Griffey Jr. retired Craig said he wanted to go to Cooperstown when he was inducted in the Hall of Fame. So I spent a very hot weekend in Cooperstown with my husband and part of his family last July. It was a fabulous weekend. We are going to see Edgar Martinez jersey retirement in August and when Edgar Martinez is inducted in the Hall of Fame we will be there too.

Leonard Men

So freaking hot, but worth it

Ready for the induction

The Kid

We are ready for the big day

I kinda love this girl

The reason I started this post was yesterday Nelson Cruz asked Yadier Molina to take a picture with his cell phone of himself and Umpire Joe West. (The only cell phone picture taken at the All Star Game.) It was such a cool thing to do. That these players have such a passion for the game of baseball. And at times still can act like kids. Craig got extremely emotional and I had to tease him. But he loves this game and loves these players. I love that, I love the Mariners and I love this man. GO MARINERS!!!!

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Scary, Scary Day

Well, my daughter Aleena had a very interesting day last week. She met a number of cute guys. The bad part being it was the flight crew of the Tennessee National Guard Blackhawk helicopter that flew her off the mountain after she fell 126 feet down a cliff. She was hospitalized in Knoxville with three broken ribs, cuts and bruises all over, lots of stitches and staples and a messed up shoulder. Kidneys were also bleeding but expected that to clear up on its own and it did. Anne and I were in Oregon when this happened.  Being 2500 miles away REALLY sucked. I would truly rather lose an arm than deal with something like this happening to one of my kids.

Other than Gods grace, there is no reason my little girl should be alive.  Two of the poeple who got to her first were both trauma nurses who happened to be at the lodge and I am so grateful for the care they provided.  LeConte Lodge, where Aleena is the cook, is high in the Smokey Mountains and the nearest road is 6 1/2 miles away and 3,000 feet down.

Although she is not named, she made the local news in Knoxville.  Here is the story.

Where Aleena fell

This is a picture of where she fell taken by a guest of the lodge the next morning.  We cannot believe she lived through this.

Anne and I had to make our delivery in Portland and we were already contracted to an expedited team load to Pennsylvania.  We debated cancelling the load and flying home but we could only get home one day earlier at best and we would be totally screwing the broker we had contracted with.  We decided to run the load since we could not get home before Aleena was out of the hospital anyway.  Our oldest son and his wife were there and also our youngest daughter Shelby along with Aleena’s mom.  It was decided that Aleena would go home with her mom to heal so they rented a car and drove her to South Florida.

Aleena is the toughest person I have ever met.  Seriously, I really mean this.  This is good and bad because every single day she pushes herself farther than she should.  She wanted us to take her to the Boca Raton mall yesterday so she could walk around and, as usual, she totally overdid it.  By the time we got her home she was a mess.  Please keep her in your prayers. After yesterday she is dehydrated and cannot keep anything down.  She still has major shoulder surgery in front of her next week.

Aleena, Scarlett and Shelby

I thank God for my kids who are loving her through this, for my wife who is helping ME through this, for my ex-wife and her husband who are with Aleena everyday and taking amazing care of her, to her co-workers and guests at the lodge who helped in her rescue and the Tennessee Air National Guard who got her off the mountain.   I am kind of a mess.


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Family and Friends. Love what we do.

We delivered a load up in Sacramento and decided to drive empty to LA to pick up a load. Love when things come together. We were able to make plans with Tyler for dinner and an extra perk was meeting up with the Mitchell clan.

Lupe came and picked us up and we went for Margarita’s until the rest of the gang met up with us. Decided to stay where we were for dinner. Lots of good food and tons of laughs. Went back to see Lupe and Steve’s new apartment in Studio City before Tyler drove us back to the truck. Seriously one of my favorite things about our job. The ability to see friends and family on spur of the moment occasions.

Rates of been really bad lately but this past week we have run like Rockstars. In the right place for the right load at the right price. Makes it so much nicer when you that happens. Hoping it continues for the next couple weeks until it is time for Spring Training in Phoenix. Go Mariners!!

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Hold still Zazu

Driving through the Columbia River Gorge and I am ecstatic. There are tons of baby birds. I mean tons of them. All different kinds. Then I notice a big bird swooping down. OH MY GOD it’s an eagle. I never get to see them and am super excited. Until I notice he is hunting the baby birds. Craig is laughing at me because I am so outraged. Circle of life I know but so sad. I saw 3 more eagles and they all were “eating” something. Still super cool but I am definitely a city girl LOL

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Let’s assume the best of each other….

I have noticed in the past month how many people have absolutely no grace. What happened to common courtesy. What about being nice to your neighbor. Not mocking people. Not making fun of the way someone looks, talks or acts.  Believing in people. It really is sad.

Last week I noticed on Facebook a large woman had fallen out of her wheelchair while shopping. Someone stood behind her and took a picture. Posted it to Facebook. Ridiculing her and walked away. What about common decency? Make sure she wasn’t hurt. Help her up. Make sure she was ok. But no. You take a sensational picture. Post it and walk away.

There are so many examples of this sort of attitude lately. Posting a picture on social media making fun of someone. Whether they are fat, skinny, tall, short. The way they wear there hair or don’t have hair. It doesn’t seem to matter. No one seems to care about being kind. Being generous. Being graceful. It seems to be getting worse. The ugliness in this country makes me sad. You can’t have an opinion without someone ridiculing you for your stand. Don’t even bring up who you voted for. God forbid you are a Trump supporter. It comes at you from every angle. I love this country and am proud to be an American. I was raised to respect Police Officers. I respect the President. I respect my elders. What a concept.

Let’s assume the best of each other. How about we start with that. Assume the best instead of the worst and I bet we will all be pleasantly surprised.


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First Time For Everything 

Forgot to post about this. 

Back in November we were running a high value load from Los Angeles to Memphis.  Delivery was scheduled for 8 AM.  We got to the receiver about 1 AM.  The locked gate to the loading docks was off a cul-de-sac on a quiet dead end road in an industrial area.  We parked on the side of the road and went to sleep.  I woke up at 2:30 AM because there was a truck that needed to swing wide to get into a building across the street.  So I started the engine and moved the truck forward about 100 feet and went back to sleep.  Got up at 7 and drove to the gate which was now open.  Parked and went in to get security to cut our bolt seal.  When the two of us walked around the back of the trailer we found the seal gone and the door only partially latched.  Opened the door and a number of the pallets in back had been torn open.   

We had been robbed! 

The only time we had stopped on this run other than for fuel was parking on the road at the receiver.  While we waited for the police Anne and the head of security walked back out to the road and found the seal on the ground where the trailer had been when we first parked.  So we know the break in happened between 1 AM and 2:30 AM. 

Here is where it gets funny though.  Although we were hauling all kinds of computer hardware and software the pallets at the back were  Microsoft Windows 8.1 disks that were scheduled for shredding.   Completely worthless and that is all they got.  About 10 cases worth .

We never heard or felt a thing even though I was the windows cracked open  The police officer said he gets three calls a week for the same thing in the neighborhood.  

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