The Road to Dallas

So, we arrived in Dallas today after 20 hours on a Greyhound bus.  Now all we have to do is earn a job.  We do not actually get hired by US Xpress until we complete orientation,  This includes a DOT physical, physical skills capability test, complete background/employment verification (they are VERY picky about this) and passing a road driving test.  Most of this happens on Monday, then if you make it through that, it is learning company stuff and watching videos for two more days.  If everything works out, we get hired and get sent out with our respective trainers on Thursday for approx. 3 weeks driving.  Then we come back, take an “upgrade” test and get our own truck and start driving together.

We are very tired after the, very interesting, bus trip.  We are checked into the Ramada Inn and Anne is taking a nap while I watch football.  Going to be a very lazy and early evening.  Breakfast at 6:00 AM and shuttle bus to orientation at 6:40 AM.

Living the good life!!!

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  1. Rebar Caruso says:

    Training’s a drag but ya do learn quite a bit depending on who’s training you. Don’t let them use you for an xtra logbook!

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