Very tired

Sat home most of the week due to snow.  We had gotten in late on Sunday, I guess early Monday is more accurate.  Mike said he would do the deliveries on his own so I got home time.  The truck got stuck in the snow a number of times at the stores and it took days to make the deliveries, so I waited until Friday to head back to Denver to meet up with him.  So we headed out about noon, about 4 miles to a truck stop to fuel the truck, then we had to head to Coors in Golden (West, the opposite direction from Oklahoma) to check the brakes on a USX trailer that had the brakes fixed in the yard.  Why us I will never know since while I was hooking up to the trailer to check it another USX truck drove in to drop a trailer.  They could have easily checked this one.  ???  Anyway, then we headed East.  Due to the snow delay, we did not go to Texas this trip, just Duncan Oklahoma and then back to Denver.  I got about 9.5 driving hours Friday, 11 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday and then about 4 today.  I think I am right at 50 hours (need to check my log book) so that puts me at 1/3 of the way through training.  Today was all city diving and backing on Colfax, Wadsworth and other fun streets.  We had 4 stops today, 2500 pieces, starting at 6 AM.  We had just finished loading 734 boxes into our third stop, got in the truck and grabbed the packet to put store #4 in the GPS……….THAT is when we figured out we had just delivered to the wrong store.  We did not notice, the manager of the store did not notice and the two employees putting the boxes away did not notice the wrong store number on every box!  We had to re-load everything and then deliver to what should have been our third stop and then come back to the actual 4th stop and deliver their load.  So the 2500 pieces became almost 4000.  Supposed to have been done about 3:00 PM and I got home at 8:00 PM.  Very tired and beat up.  I have tomorrow off and then head out Wednesday for Oklahoma and Texas.

On the other end of the continent, Anne still does not have a trainer.   My trainer has said that finding someone who will take a woman and is a non-smoker is pretty hard and said it should take a couple of weeks to get her lined up. Two weeks is this Wednesday so fingers are crossed.  She is having a great time, spent a few days with Jack, our grandson….oh, and his parents 🙂  I am so thankful she had the opportunity to spend time with Jason and Anna.  I sure wish I could have joined them.  She then headed down to Atlanta to hang out with her best friend from college.  It sounds like she is really having fun but wants to get moving forward.  Once I finish training they will send me out solo until Anne gets done.  I am missing her very badly and the clock will not even start towards me seeing her until she has a trainer.  Prayers in this regard would be much appreciated.

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