Hey! That truck looks familiar!

So we dropped our Fedex Load in Atlanta and bobtailed (no trailer) up to our Tunnel Hill GA terminal to get the computer worked on as well as an air leak that I cannot pinpoint. After we parked and I checked in with the shop I was walking back to the truck and there, three trucks over was #21928…our old truck. The new driver had just gotten it today. He is a trainer and he was waiting for his trainee. It was just kind of weird to see it all pretty again and the new driver got a kick out of it’s short but violent history.

They will not get our truck in until tomorrow morning so we are just going to be lazy as I am very tired this evening. Just had sushi and our tummies are very happy.

There are two things that are making the miles roll by quickly. I downloaded all of the Harry Potter books (Anne has never read them) they are unabridged and incredibly well done and we are loving listening to them. Currently we are nearing the end of book four. The other thing is the satellite radio where I get every baseball game broadcast every day. Man I love baseball. The only problem is I am a screamer during a game and Anne is usually trying to sleep. She loves baseball also so I seem to get a pass on this. GO MARINERS!!!

We are not going back to Dulles as the truck will not be fixed in time. Our fleet manager said that may be a good thing and he will look for a longer run for us. We just want the truck back so we can get back on the road.

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1 Response to Hey! That truck looks familiar!

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Careful. You COULD get used to being on vacation all the time. Good you had some time got sit back and relax. Now get back to work. Dad needs the money for his Colorado trip, and you KNOW what the maintenance costs are on your Mom.

    Love you guys. Dad

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