Pity party is over.

Thanks for all the emails and texts. I was just having one of those days and was acting like a baby. We are back up and running so we have that to be grateful for. Time to pull on the big girl pants LOL. It isn’t always perfect out here but I wouldn’t trade it in!! Its hard when you have been down for so many days and you just want to get back in the groove. That damn patience rears her head…..again. We will be down next week too but for a happy reason….high school graduation. Thanks for all the messages it means a lot!!

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1 Response to Pity party is over.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hey Anne Baby; Glad you’re on the up-swing. I cried all day yesterday just thinking about your problems. Kind of embarassing in the super-market. A checker wanted to take me home – but she was ugly.
    See you in Ft. Collins. Dad Leonard

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