Breakdown could be worse.

Technically we are in breakdown mode. Our truck is in the shop getting its preventative maintenance and a new primary air pump. The good part is we are spending it with the grand kids and their parents. Talk about a tough life. In the two months since we were last here it is amazing to see how much they have grown and how much Jack now talks. I mean you can understand what he is saying and asking. It is so cool!! Blythe is just as adorable as ever and showing that she is her mothers daughter. I have one of those and Anna (daughter in law)  is blessed. Most of the time she will be blessed LOL

My girlfriend is coming up from Atlanta to spend the day with me. Hopefully get some last minute things for the truck and hopefully some sushi!! Tomorrow we are heading back to the terminal and hoping to have dinner with Amy and Karl. They are at Tunnel Hill too. Kind of cool to run into people that you know. Saw Anna (driver not daughter in law) for a few minutes but that was it so far.

We will post some pictures later.

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2 Responses to Breakdown could be worse.

  1. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    The only suggestions I have regarding orientation is to be truthful and accurate in what you have on your application. The little things you leave off the long application can turn into really big deals. Another issue I actually had when I was in orientation was I had moved from California to Colorado and got a driver license. Then got my CDL months later. My California license was still in effect which luckily was taken care of quickly but others in class had to go home first. Dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s is the best advice I can give you. They want to hire you. Wish you guys the best of luck!!

  2. Phil and Ginger says:

    Hey Anne and Craig, hope you all are doing great. Phil got his CDL and goes for orientation on Monday, Aug. 29. Phil says any suggestions on orientation will be helpful. Hopefully I will get started soon. Talk to you soon. Thanks Phil and Ginger.

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