Home Time Away From Home

We have had a great four days in Seattle!

We got a load from Laredo TX back to Portland OR and a short run from Portland to Auburn WA.  We dropped our trailer in the Kent drop yard and bobtailed up to my parents home in Snohomish Washington.  We got seven messages and 9 voice mails while we had dinner and I called and was told we needed to go back the next day and make the Auburn delivery as they had no hazmat qualified drivers in the area.  So I went down the next morning and made the delivery which was a live unload and took a while.  Since then it has been nothing but goofing off.  We went to one of my favorite places in town, Freds Rivertown Alehouse to meet my brother and his family fro dinner.  A great time.  Friday we went to Seattle to eat at the Crab Pot restaurant and shopping at the Pike Place Market.  Then we went to the football game at my high school alma mater, Bothell High where my oldest brother still coaches.  Saturday we went across the mountains to Leavenworth, an cute little bavarian village for Octoberfest with my parents.  What a great party and a lot of fun.  Sunday was pretty much cooking all day as I made my four meat chili with cornbread and also my (fairly) famous caramel for my father who was begging.  A bunch of my nephews came over for dinner and it was a blast.  Also got to watch my Seahawks as they got a great win.  Good day.

It is now Monday and we will be heading out sometime today.  Doing a bit of shopping and getting all the laundry done.  Going to miss my little girl, that is for sure.

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3 Responses to Home Time Away From Home

  1. RC says:

    Hey wait a minute……..

    Truck drivers are not supposed to be having that much fun!!! What gives?? 😉

    Seriously….. you guys should write a book about how to have fun while being a “Commodities Relocation Specialist”.

  2. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    This really was our first vacation in forever. We had such an awesome time and LOVE being with the family. Makes it hard at first to get on the road but know once we get in the groove we will be ok. Then we get to plan our next home time. Wonder where it will be?

  3. Home time is where you make it – I’m finding that out. SO glad you were able to get a few down time days of your choosing. I’m looking forward to the end of Nov… we are going to try taking a total of 10 days off IN-A-ROW!! 🙂

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