Totally ticked off but feeling better

I must say this is the first time that I am going to RANT. I am beyond ticked off and frustrated. We were offered a new dedicated run from Canada, Texas and California. We decided to try it out since we have wanted to drive to Canada. The bad side was we had to change fleet managers but were given the assurance that we could come back. They switched us to the new manager and were told that the plans we had in effect would NOT be affected. HA HA HA HA We have had to babysit every time we had to be somewhere. We needed one day in California (which happened after a bunch of issues) and this weekend is CJ’s football game and the only game we will be able to see. We are suppose to be in Tunnel Hill as of 6:00 pm and where are we?? We are sitting in Springfield Terminal with out an empty. Craig kept reminding our new FM that we had to be in Ga this weekend. He assured us that he was on top of it.No worries, No problem NO WAY

We have no interest now in running this route. If we can’t get home the first week what is going to happen. The second thing is I will get down on bended knee and Thank God for our first fleet manager. I had no idea how bad things could be out here if you don’t have someone in your corner. FRUSTRATING is putting it mildly.It definitely is not as much fun when you have to deal with this BS.

I am so grateful that we have had such an easy time for the most part. We love this company and LOVE our fleet manager even more now. Can’t wait for Monday to be put back on his team.

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2 Responses to Totally ticked off but feeling better

  1. I’m glad you will be able to go back to your original DM.. we almost went to a dedicated route, then we found out about a month later they cut 11 teams off of the route. So we are REALLY glad we didn’t take that leap… still a bit frustrated at the amount of miles, but its an irritation we know – LOL!

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      We really didn’t have any complaints luckily. I realize how lucky we are in this business. I wish we had waited a little longer before telling them we would do it but hindsight is twenty twenty. It just sucks sitting 500 miles from where we should be. The fleet owner got involved so I have no fears that we won’t make it to Chattanooga but it is getting a little tense. Craig is sleeping since he will most likely end up driving tonight. We were planning on sitting watching the final baseball game with a drink in hand. Oh well you have to roll with the punches. I am just glad we haven’t had much of this.

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