Running running running running……

It has been another great week.  Another 6000+ week.  We changed FM’s last week. Unfortunately our FM went to an Owner/Operator board. Our loss was their gain.  Really miss Johnathan but haven’t had much to complain about. We haven’t run a single reefer load but we have been kept running. (We moved to a reefer division of USX)

Denver to Kansas to Hermiston to Portland to Laredo to Portland. PHEW. First time in a long time we need a 34 hour reset. We also need a reset for us. It has been tiring to say the least. Still trying to finish the new design of the truck but haven’t had a second to do that. So excited to finish it and get the pics up for you to see.  So far it’s working out really well and the new tv set up is the BOMB. Funny how the little things make such a big difference. But when you live in a truck it is the little things that make the MOST difference.

Thanksgiving was a little depressing. Totally grateful that we have a job, our health and each other but we really missed the family. We ended up sitting at the Denny’s counter having a Thanksgiving dinner watching football. Not the way I envisioned it but  you have to compromise and it turned out really nice. At least Craig and I were together. We can have Thanksgiving next time we see the family.

We have run the gamut of weather in the past couple weeks. I think the only thing we haven’t run into is the locust. At least not yet. In Texas (of course it would happen in Texas) I ran into my first sand storm. It wasn’t bad but I was a little freaked out and Craig was sound asleep after driving all night. I ended up calling a friend (the very first trucker and now friend that I ever spoke to, who may I add is moving over to USX next week!!!!!!) She just gave me sound advice and I made it safely through it. Once you know what to expect it wasn’t so bad just really eerie. We just drove through Moub Utah which is absolutely gorgeous! Love when the send us this way. At least no Wyoming wind this trip.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!!!


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2 Responses to Running running running running……

  1. Jerry says:

    AhhhMan! If you were at that Denny’s next to the Loves’ Stop in Troutdale (East Portland) I am going to be really bummed! Hilda and I only live about 30 minutes South in Tualatin. Could have brought some homemade pie at least. It was just the two of us. I am down to choosing between Gordon, Schneider or May. All have terminals nearby. May has the shortest solo time before rider can come along. And orientation is local. Gordon and Schneider are really good. “Tradeoffs” with each. Even though Hilda won’t be driving, we plan on “living” on the road for a few years once I get going, so we really appreciate your blog.
    Do you have a nice size inverter for that Keurig and TV in the cab? Hope I can find your pics.

  2. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Darlin’s! Great to hear from the lady of the team. So good you’re staying so busy, but also nice that you can take a re-set break. Yes, we realy missed you for Thanksgiving. In fact, we missed just about the whole family. Spent the day (and dinner) with Darin & Jenn’s family. It was really great, but not the kind of mob-scene we’re used to. First time, I believe, in 50 years that we haven’t cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. As we find out, other people can do it pretty well too!. Keep being safe and stay in touch. Hope we’ll get face-to-face in the next few weeks. Love, Dad Leonard

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