Nice people out here.

We are back up and running. We have way too much time on this load but it let me get the truck all nice and clean before we pick another load up tonight. This afternoon it will be laundry time and watch some good movies. Once we are unloaded.

There is a lot of conversation happening over at USX. There has been a change in our idling procedures and a lot of drivers are NOT happy to say the least. I’m trying to keep an open mind and see what management does before I get mad.

Now on to happy things. We were in Rock Springs Wy the other night and we were switching drivers. I took Lil Bit out for a walk and figured it wasn’t too cold so I didn’t put her coat or sweater on. The lady driver next to me asked me if she was  a puppy. (Most people think she is since she is so little) I say no, smile and take her to some grass. I get back in the truck and then the lady shows up at my door and hands me a pink sweater and tells me she has plenty. I thank her, totally baffled and then it dawns on me. She didn’t know I had tons of clothes for Lil Bit. I felt so bad but it made me smile that someone cared enough to make sure a little dog was warm. I will pass it one when the time is right. Pay it forward comes in all different ways.

It made me smile!!!

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1 Response to Nice people out here.

  1. Jade says:

    Awe thats really sweet that she gave you that! Thanks for sharing. I love hearing the good stories about how people are still nice!

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