Plans??? What Plans???.

  1. So here we sit still at Freightliner.  It is now Tuesday morning and the truck is still not done.  They have lied to us again and again.  We came by Monday morning to drop off our laundry and most of our stuff.  When we were here we asked about the truck.  They told us eerything was done exept for the BPM (oil change and periodic maintenance) and the truck would be totally done by noon.  We got the rental car returned and picked the rest of our stuff up at the hotel and got dropped off at Freightliner at 1:30.  Was the truck done?     HA!  Not only not done they told us there was no order for the BPM…..Uhhh, no, I mean USX had not authorized it yet…….uhhhh, no, I mean, (USX had just told me they had sent the  authorization on Sat) they JUST received approval by USX.  Then they finally pulled the truck in at 7:30 last night and an hour later told us they did not have the filters  in stock.  They still don’t have the fuel filter but they are done with everything else and we are getting out of here as soon as the paperwork is done.  Other drivers are telling us the paperwork can take hours.  Getus out of here please
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2 Responses to Plans??? What Plans???.

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I have just started in the trucking business myself. (Still in school) I have 1 and a half weeks left. You can see my blog on face book.
    Hope your out of their soon.

  2. RC says:

    I can tell you from experience, that is one of the worst FL shops in the country. Sometimes I swear those guys had no idea what their names were, much less what was to be done to the truck.

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