High Value gets old.

We have had two back to back high value loads. Okay we are onto our third. UGH. I don’t mine them once in awhile but they are just a pain. One of you has to stay with the truck at all times. You have to let them know where you stop and how long you will be there and if you forget. You definitely will get a message. The part I don’t like is you can’t both go into a restaurant at the same time or leave the truck unattended.

Oh well I can’t complain about running since we haven’t stopped since coming out of hometime. Always a nice way to get back on the road. Also I am over being a brat which Craig loves. Now he is being the brat. Just kidding. We are back in the groove so to speak. We haven’t been able to stock the truck up since we’ve had high value loads but hopefully when we land in Calif we will have some time.

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4 Responses to High Value gets old.

  1. Daniel Trawick says:

    Took me awhile to read through most of your adventures. From what I take from it you two are realy injoying it and having fun. Glad to read that everything is going good for you two. Stay safe and always remember to smile. Some 4wheeler will do something to make you laugh…lol

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      Craig will tell you I have a running commentary with four wheelers on a regular basis. Usually it is something along the lines of “REALLY YOU ARE GOING TO CUT ME OFF… NO REALLY”
      Or No way are you going to do that… No way you really did that. Oh my gosh.
      I don’t think four wheelers have any clue how much they affect trucks.
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading our adventures and I always have a smile on my face!!!!

  2. Al Leonard says:

    A pair of brats in the same truck cab? Could be a problem. Dad Leonard

  3. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    This was an old post that wasn’t posted. Will update later today.

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