Some new digs for the truck.

This morning we have been running around looking for a reefer trailer. Luckily our load doesn’t pick up till noon. Hate when this happens but usually it doesn’t take us this long to find one. It did give me some time to organize the truck….. again.

We met a couple that followed our blog while driving the 80 through Iowa. Love that part of this job. We stopped at a truck stop and walked our dogs and chatted. Jon and Jade have been driving for a few weeks and are an awesome couple. We both checked out each others truck and they had the coolest bins behind their chairs. 3 tiered drawer units that fit perfectly and needless to say. We drove out and tried to find them. Took a few wal marts in  few different states till we did but we now have them in our truck and it has made a huge difference. Now all the crap on the floor is now in a drawer and suddenly we have floor space. A huge deal in 63 square feet of living space. We changed them up and have two drawers behind the driver seat and 4 behind the passenger seat. I will post pictures so you can see how cool they are.

The truck is a constant source of moving and changing. Trying new things and seeing what others do to their trucks gives you lots of ideas. Some you like and some you don’t. But there is always something new that works super well. I still have way to much stuff in here and in April plan to do a spring cleaning…. again. I know it is a constant battle. But when you get your truck all nice and clean and everything is put away it just makes you smile.

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