Okay I am going to gush a little.

When you are on the road a majority of the time and are lucky enough to do it with your best friend. Life is not too shabby. Craig and I have been out here for 15 months now and still love it.  We have made so many new friends and seen 47 states so far. But what I wanted to gush about was my husband.

The man still opens all my doors for me. Whether it’s in the car, hotel, truck stop or even the truck door. Craig is there being a gentleman. I have to say I love it. I realize how lucky I am to have him. Now you all know I don’t always feel that way but he is a pretty darn amazing man and I adore him. I think kudos where kudos are deserved. It’s funny when you sit at a truck stop and watch all the different people walk by. Talk about a reality show.

We have sat for the past couple days. We picked up a load in Livermore Ca after being in breakdown for 5 days UGH.  First off at the consignee. Our appt time was 4 am and we showed up then. Short version is we sat on the road for hours. Did I mention it was in that lovely state of NEW JERSEY. By the time we unloaded it had been 9 hours. It was a pretty dirty place and just made me happy I had the truck to sit in. Then we had to wait for a pick up at a truck stop in Pa that really didn’t have much to offer. Couldn’t even do our laundry but did get to take a shower and had a nice place for the puppies. But we sat in the truck together for a day and realize that we love being together. I forgot to mention there was no tv reception either LOL. This job is perfect for us. At least today I feel that way and truthfully we all have days that we don’t like our jobs. I get to spend everyday with my best friend and that is pretty darn cool.

We also are meeting so many cool people. That is one of my favorite things about this job. The people you meet and make friends with and those people you watch at truck stops. LOL Sorry I couldn’t resist. What surprises me that probably shouldn’t anymore is how many people are so like us. It is pretty cool how we all ended up on this road and how much fun we are all having. Now we are heading to Chattanooga to see the grandkids and their parents. We were suppose to be there for Easter but due to breakdown it didn’t work. First time since we have been with this company that they didn’t get us home for home time. I think that is a pretty good track record. Our FM really takes care of us.

Anyway that is all I have to say for the moment. Hope everyone is having a great day!!

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3 Responses to Okay I am going to gush a little.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Yeah, he;s OK. Sometimes. Dad Leonad

  2. Claude says:

    Wondering who you use for internet access. I have been trying to find a provider with unlimited access but having no luck. I start my CDL school on Monday and have been researching the trucking industry for the last two months trying to learn everything I can about it. My wife and I have read your entire blog. We really like it and it has enlightened us. I believe my wife might want to get her CDL and join me on the road once I get established and through all my training.

    • Craig says:

      Hey Claude, did I send you a message? I thought I replied to this but cannot find it. We have a Verizon MiFi 4g hotspot in the truck. With our USX discount it is just over $60 for 10 gigs of data per month. Works great We also have unlimited access on our phones (grandfathered in) so we can use them with netflix connected to the tv.

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