A beautiful day in Oregon.

We are sitting at the shipper waiting to be loaded and head to Memphis. We have 4 days to get there and they are not open on the weekends. Trying to decide if we take a leisurely drive or just haul ass and hope we can drop it at a terminal. Today I found out that in Oregon you have to watch out for ferries. Who the heck knew the didn’t have bridges. Learn something new every day.

Home time was awesome. We had a great time with 3 of our kids and I love going home when the weather is perfect LOL. We had Lil Bit fixed while home and she ended up having 8 teeth pulled. Poor baby is only 3 years old and now she looks like an old man with no teeth. At least on the front bottom. We were suppose to head out on Sunday night but there was nothing leaving so we got to sleep in our own bed for another night. Monday morning I took Lil Bit back to the vet since her incision wasn’t looking right and tissue was coming out. They had to take her in for another emergency surgery. Her interior sutures  had torn and they had to restitch both inside and out. She is doing much better now and we are trying to keep her quiet in the truck HA HA HA. Glad it all worked out and she is going to be okay.

Coming out of home time is the worst usually but this time because of the time we had, it was the easiest yet. Love that. Anyway. I am going to let Craig post the pics of our weekend. Oh yeah I forgot he posted that video of me shooting. Have I told you I don’t like guns!!! Well you can see it for yourself LOL

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  1. Idea… Push to your delivery and if you can’t drop, then you will have time to rent a car and go sight seeing 🙂

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