Never Know How To Dress

It is so funny, the weather extremes can be…..extreme.  In the last week we got stuck in Rock Springs Wyoming due to a very light load and very high winds. (3375 lbs and 65 mph respectively) We had to wait 13 hours to continue.  We were on a load that could not deliver in Memphis TN until Monday at 9:00 AM and we were going to be there by Saturday at noon.  Our Fleet Manager had sent us a drop number so we could drop the load at our Memphis Terminal and we had a FedEx load planned picking up Saturday at 17:15 heading to Phoenix.  That plan died with the 65 mph winds in Wyoming.  We got another load so we dropped in Memphis on Sunday Morning at 3:00 am and ran to Dallas, it was a live unload at a very disorganized place.  Pretty much a driver free for all in the street.  No idea who out of the ten or so trucks milling around was first in line.  We all had a 14:00 delivery time.  I released my secret weapon and Anne walked up and dow the trucks to figure out what was going on.  Not surprisingly, the pretty blond lady ended up at the front of the line.  After the unload we ran over to FedEx in Irving and grabbed a short load to Austin, I then drove back to Fort Worth and we are getting loaded with empty aluminum cans heading to Portland Oregon.  It was 23 degrees in Rock Springs Wyoming, 77 degrees in Memphis at 3 AM and 82 overnight here in Fort Worth.  I just wear shorts all the time as it is not worth changing 3 times a day.

We have had a great week coming out of home time and should end up with about 7000 miles on this weeks check.  I am starting to miss a regular life a bit.  Home time with the kids will do that to you.  Been thinking of buying a truck so we can be a little more in charge of our schedule.  I would like to make what we are currently making with working 22 days a month instead of 27.  The research has begun.  Hard to make the leap because we are happy and pretty darn secure.  I will keep you updated on what we decide.

I thank God every day (a bunch of times every day) for this job and the awesome abiity to see our kids and familys and for beeing able to spend every day with my amazing wife.  I cannot believe how blessed I am.

I th

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