I did get my shower AND I got to see my daughter.

Gosh I love my job!! At least this week I do. We stopped and had showers and then discussed what time we were going to get to Oregon. We couldn’t arrive in the middle of the night so WE GOT TO GO HOME. For a few hours we did. I got some laundry done. Craig got a haircut and Lil Bit got her stitches out. We then went to lunch with my baby girl. The egg and I. Her choice for sure. Craig wanted Mexican but Shelby won. We spent a few hours with her. Did some shopping at Sam’s and hit the road.

I don’t know what it is but just that little bit of connection with home and I am good to go. More like connecting with Shelby. If it is too long in between I get really antsy. I was going to say a little but figure Craig would comment on that LOL. I am sitting typing this in Oregon at a Pilot. Craig is sleeping and we are going to pick up a load in Portland and run it to a couple stops. Ending up in Washington. I am sitting here thinking how lucky I am. Making good money when we run, being with my best friend, having my puppy with me and getting to stop everywhere to visit family. How freaking cool is that. Then there are all the people you meet out here. We have made some life long friends and keep meeting new ones. Not all are life long but we have a big family out here and it is growing everyday. As you know by now I love to talk. There are a few friends I am sure know that well. I love people and realize how amazing this world is and how cool people are, for the most part. No I have not been drinking. Just contemplating how our lives have drastically changed.

I think its a hoot when people find out what we do. Most are shocked. Some wonder why. Some are snobs and that got me thinking about being a trucker and how many people are truckers due to the economy and what is happening today. I’ve said it before. If you had told me I’d be a truck driver I would have laughed. Me. Daughter of a diplomat, California girl (okay no longer but still in my heart) I was born overseas and now I drive a freaking 18 wheeler. God has a great sense of humor is what I am thinking. Ironically, it’s an amazing job. I see beautiful places every single day. The weather is always changing and so are the people. Keeping track of us can sometimes be hard. My kids and mom are always asking where we are and then seem surprised at how far we went. Truthfully sometimes I am surprised too. 7000+ since we came out of hometime  7 days ago.

The thing that got me thinking about this lifestyle we have now was a person who is unemployed, no money, not very happy…… thinks being a truck driver is beneath them. I was offended when I first heard this but then I thought about my life today. I have never been happier. I smile everyday and laugh all the time. How sad that someone is so narrow minded that they thought that. BUT what made me laugh was how wrong they are. Life is too short.  I realize that and I want to enjoy everyday and never regret what I didn’t do. Traveling, learning, growing and seeing this amazing country are gifts I would have never received if I hadn’t taken this path. I’ve been all over the world but I had never seen the USA. If you listen to country music and that new song about seeing it from the plane. Wow does that hit home. Listen to it.  Jason Aldean Fly over states. Awesome song.

I have grown up so much in the past few years. As one of my girlfriends would say. I’m finally baked. I’m truly grateful for this wild ride I’ve been on for the past couple years because I can honestly say. It just keeps getting better!!!! Now how cool is that?


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5 Responses to I did get my shower AND I got to see my daughter.

  1. Stacey B says:

    Thank you so very much for your blog! I hope that I can start one when we (My BF and I), get out there! I totally agree with your outlook, and realized the same things. What other job can you travel the country, meet millions of new people, see family and friends often, and also GET PAID?! I can not wait to get out there and see this beautiful country, and get back east to see my kids and parents, but I am so excited to be able to work alongside my wonderful BF! He has been a blessing in my life, and so has his wonderful and very supportive family! They have been behind us 100% since deciding to go with this new lifestyle! I think it would be cool to meet you guys, you sound like a couple of great people, with a good outlook on life and the curves it throws our way on a daily basis! It would be BORING otherwise, wouldn’t it! Happy trails!

  2. Mark & Linda says:

    BTW, can you tell me how often you get a chance to do laundry during your training, and how often you try to get it done now? Thanks

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      We do our laundry weekly. I hate having dirty clothes in the truck so we do it more often than other drivers.
      We usually drop a load in the wash, Take a shower, put in the dryer and grab a bite to eat. Then we fold it and hit
      the road. During training I did it whenever we hit a terminal. Now I do it at terminals and truck stops. You just
      have to pay for it at the truck stop. I have friends that do it when they run out of clothes. I’d rather do small
      loads more often so it doesn’t take hours. Hope that helps.

  3. Ogden Miller says:


  4. J.T. says:

    Awesome post. I’m about 9 months out from my career switch to OTR. Been enjoying you blog for some time. Thanks for posting the good, bad and ugly of trucking.

    Phoenix AZ

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