I was a crabby girl!

We just slammed from Ohio to Washington with barely any down time. Good news is we got our trip in for this weeks paycheck. With breakdown and family time we have had a rough couple months. Totally worth it but we need to build up our savings. I didn’t eat since breakfast and my loving husband received the brunt of my crabbiness. He did get me some food and now we are both happy. We are heading to Phoenix and then who knows where we will go.

As long as we end up in Colton on Sunday. My son is having a screening at The Directors Guild of America and we can’t wait to see it. He is up for some awards and once done hopefully we can share it. It is called Vertical Challenge and just so excited. Tyler is a senior at CSUN (California State University of Northridge) and he is a film major. This is one of his projects.

I need to go to sleep. My tailbone is still killing me and it’s been a long day. I’m way to tired to be witty.

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