Beautiful day in Southern California.

Maybe a little hot but we are getting our truck washed which is going to be so nice. I think we have about 100 pounds of bugs on and in our grill of the truck. She needs to be pretty again. Craig ran to Walmart and Costco while I have been putting laundry away and organizing the truck and waiting for the truck wash to open. Craig vacuumed the truck this morning so once we get our load we will be good to go.

Spent the morning dealing with some payroll issues. Some times things don’t always go our way but next paycheck will be really really good. We were shorted 2200 miles and 4 days of breakdown. These things happen and as annoying as it is. It always gets straightened out.

My son’s premiere is this Sunday in Beverly Hills. A little on pins and needles if we are going to make it. FM said we would even if they have to repower us. Just keeping my fingers crossed!!! Please keep yours crossed for me too.

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1 Response to Beautiful day in Southern California.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Of course you’ll make the premier. God’s in charge and I’m sure you’re alright with Him.
    Love you, Dad Leonard

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