The Miles Are Piling Up

What a great week after a full week that was part time off with family and planned and then a few days in the shop to get the air conditioning fixed….again.  But Anne already talked about that.

We came back out on Sunday, June 3rd and this has been our loads.

drove empty from Snohomish WA to Salinas CA to pick up a load of Romaine Lettuce headed to Annapolis Junction MD.
We then ran empty to FedEx in Middletown PA and took that load to Phoenix AZ.
Picked up at in Phoenix and delivered in Hazleton PA.
Picked up at in Hazleton PA and delivered in Coffeyville KS
Ran empty to Edwardsville KS and picked up a UPS load that we dropped at our Kansas City drop yard and then headed to Fedex in Edwardsville and picked up a load that we delivered last night in West Sacramento CA.

We are sitting at the 49er Truckstop in Sacramento and will be heading out in the early AM to Santa Maria CA to pick up a load going to Annapolis Junction MD again.  I have been sick for a few days and now Anne is sick.  It hit her harder than me and she has completely lost her voice.  I mean she can barely whisper.  I have had a very good time teasing her that now my life is now perfect and all of my prayers have been answered, I have a beautiful wife who cannot speak!

It is serriously killing her though, she is about the most social person I have ever met and spends all day talking to friends on the phone while she drives.  I think she is a bit paniced about how she is going to get through the next couple of days.  She is trying to decide what book she is going to listen to that will get her through this.

One sucky thing this week, our stupidly expensive Rand McNally Truckers GPS died.  We paid $500 for it last October and it is under warranty but Rand McNally wants us to mail it to them and they will mail us a new one.  That is always the issue out here, how do we deal with simple little things like this.  There are some really nice features of this GPS that have totally spoiled us.  It avoids roads that are illegal for us to drive on, it very quickly finds us a place to park or eat and really helps us manage our time.  So I just went in and bought another one!  The good news is the price has dropped to “only” $400.  I am mailing the old one to RM and they will mail me a new one to the house.  When we get home I will put it up for sale on ebay.  It is just a pain.  We have had the same issues with broken cell phones and anything else we need out here on the road.

I am already looking forward to spending time with our two youngest kids for the 4th of July in Colorado.  I have always been a lover of good beer but this job has raised the bar with the anticipation.  That reminds me, I need to call Shelby and have her put some pint glasses in the refrigerator, only two weeks until we get home 🙂

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5 Responses to The Miles Are Piling Up

  1. Dennis Eckert says:

    I thought my GPS died once it just needed to be reset. On a Magellan there is a reset on the side that you push with a pen point or paper clip.

  2. mark n linda says:

    Wondered where you guys had been hanging out? Also see that you guys been heading east a good bit lately. Do you prefer the reffer division or miss dry van? Also have you done a blog on sleepng and working shifts/split shifts or by the load. Linda and I should finish training and hopefully upgrade next weekend. she didnt get her female trainer after all and is toughing out the one she did get. Hope to hear back and stay safe.

    • Craig says:

      Great news on nearing upgrading.
      We do like the reefer division. We do sit more for loading and unloading but that is offset by mostly coast to coast runs and rarely looking for an empty. We try very hard to stay on a set schedule. The trucks computer is on Central time and so I drive 7pm to 7am Central. Trying to switch your schedule around is really tough and will make you very tired.

      • mark n linda says:

        Thanks Craig, I am in Chicago/Markham waiting on a run south to Tunnel Hill. Linda is in Kent/Seattle and getting ready to come to Tunnel Hill via Wyoming, Colorado, Laredo and the Carolinas. So finally we get back together. She is on her second trainer truck, this one is working out better. Sorry about the finger…which one is it? Does it make it easier to tell other drivers how you feel lol?

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