God knows better….

I lost my voice for almost five days. Hopefully I never go through that again LOL. No talking really, really sucked.

I was talking with my girlfriend about a problem I was having. I wasn’t sure how to handle it and low and behold I lose my voice. She then pointed out since I lost my voice I wasn’t able to respond. HMMMMM  God knows what he is doing. It made me smile and laugh. Yup, he definitely knows what he is doing. I decided there are some things that just aren’t worth getting upset over. Life is just too short to sweat the small stuff.

This has been a rough week. Being sick in a truck isn’t much fun. Especially when you have miles to run. We have been running super well for the past couple weeks. Really nice since we have been broken down so much this year. Love when everything just goes smoothly.

Craig ended up going to urgent care yesterday outside Joplin, MO. First place we could find. He had been bitten on his ring finger on his right hand.(or cut it, we don’t really know what happened)  Didn’t think much of it till a couple days later. His finger looks like a sausage and is all red. Luckily we got him in. He had a bunch of shots and filled a prescription. Now we just have to make sure it stops swelling or he has to go directly to the ER. Praying that doesn’t happen since they would have to fillet his finger open to fix it. So please keep him in your prayers that the antibiotics kick in.

I wish there was a list of all urgent cares that were on or near the freeways. It is such a pain to try to find one when you really need one. Yelp definitely helps but sucks that when you need to find help quickly., you don’t always find what you are looking for. It’s the parking of the trailer and rig. People don’t realize how big trucks are and think we can get around poles into a parking lot LOL Anyway it all worked out but I am now going to write down when I see either urgent cares or vets that have easy access for future use.

We will be going home for the fourth. I can’t wait. We haven’t been HOME in ages. Since we take home time all over the country. I am looking forward to the down time and seeing our two youngest kids.

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3 Responses to God knows better….

  1. Craig says:

    Oops the above comment was by Anne LOL.

  2. Craig says:

    Sounds like a nice way to travel!! Hope you have a great visit and say hello to JC. Looking forward to seeing you next visit.

  3. Ogden Miller says:

    Sorry to hear of your voice and Craig’s finger. I arrived in Paris at 0600 on the 21st aboard the new enormous Air Bus 380. All very serene and efficient until we arrived and were apparently guided to a parking spot not close enough to the complicated double gangplank exiting mechanisms (the 380 has two decks). My seatmate and I were amused when we 500-plus passengers were told to return to our seats for some 20 minutes, the announcement being that they had to get a tractor to tow us to the right spot!I assume they couldn’t or didn’t want to re-start the engines for such a short move.

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