Inside the International ProStar….with video

So, they finally caught up to us and has us stop in our Lexington NC Terminal to get a new truck.  We were pretty frustrated about it because we felt we had just broken in our Freightliner Cascadia at 350,000 miles.  They had a 2013 International ProStar+ waiting for us.  It took the shop about five hours to get it in install the inverter and our CB radio.  After all that they said there was something wrong with our radio (the one that was working fine in the morning when I unplugged it from our old truck) and it kept blowing the fuse.  So no CB.  It then took us seven hours to move in.  The truck is a tiny bit smaller but the issue really was it was just set up totally different so storage is a problem.  Anne thought she took a bunch out last time we were home but this bunk has almost no storage under it.  We kind of got our stuff put away after we threw away some bins and then we went to sleep sore and exhausted…after a shower.

We sent a message in the morning saying we were ready to roll and could they PLEASE get us by either our sons home in Chattanooga or our home in Colorado so we could get some stuff out of the truck.  We had to pile stuff on the front seats so we could sleep.  Load assignment comes back to run to Chattanooga empty (about 5 hours away) and pick up a load in Dalton GA Thursday at 11 AM…..perfect.

So we started driving and fell in love with this truck.  It drives so nice, very quiet.  Lots of cubbies for small storage. A/C can make ice cubes. As we were loading the truck, with the door open, Anne had to turn the A/C down because she was too cold. We love the big windows in the sleeper (so does Max) It is very easy and smooth to drive. The bunks are both a couple inches wider. And a BIG deal, front curtains. I was able to mount the storage box on the back so the chains, straps and tools are in there (thank God, no idea what we would have done if that had not worked), the XM radio is also a bit better in this truck.

Negatives: Storage. No room under the bunk. We had four laundry baskets with winter clothes, extra food, etc. under the bunk in the Cascadia, no room in this truck. The refrigerator does not fit on the upper bunk, roof too low. We had to unbolt the lower cabinet on the passenger side and strap it in on its side on the upper bunk and put the refrigerator on the floor. If we owned the truck this would be awesome but we cannot leave the cabinet at home in the event we are ever reseated unexpectedly. No mute switch in back for the rear speakers.  Other than that, no complaints.

Now that we have dropped a few things off, a couple of laundry baskets that were under the bunk, we should be able to finish getting everything in order.

We had dinner with the kids and grandkids last night and then I got to read with Jack and play with Blythe.  We sang some songs and put them to bed, then hung out on the deck with Jason and Anna for a couple of hours.  Wonderful evening.  We need to get back to the terminal early this morning because the “Escape” key on the truck computer is not working so we cannot get to our messages while driving.  Kind of a big deal.  Should get it fixed and then we are off to Phoenix.

Quick little story that I think is a lot funnier than Anne does.  Last week in Ontario CA, I dropped Anne off to get the rental car then she met me at the repair shop for our oil change, she parks out front and comes to find me in the truck.  When she climbs in she tells me she got the “Cutest car and it is awesome…… looks a lot like a PT Cruiser”  It is a Chevy HHR, one of the ugliest cars ever made.  I say “You got a chick car?”  She then tells me they told her she could pick any car on the lot.

If we ever find that genie in a bottle, I am making the wishes.

Here is a video of the new truck.

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5 Responses to Inside the International ProStar….with video

  1. Jerry says:

    How do i get the power outlets to work on the inside on drivers side and pass side in the back so i can plug microwave in the one side and tv and dvd in other side i do have apu and 1800 watt inverter

    • Craig says:

      We did not have an APU and did not have plugs. We had an inverter that we ran extension cord from. My Volvo has plugs and I have a switch above my head to turn the inverter on.

  2. thebehrg says:

    Are you still driving the ProStar? We’ve seen so many happy customers with some of the models we’ve been putting them in. For Used International Trucks check out our selection.

  3. Rogerthat says:

    Thanks for the tour!

  4. Daniel Trawick says:

    On your CB sounds like the shop crossed the hot and ground when hooking it up and blow the protection diode. If every time you put in a fuse turn on the cb and it blows the fuse then I would expect the diode to be the problem. Easy fix at any cb shop. Should be about $15.00 or so. As long as it is the diode. They could have done more damage but getting the diode fix will tell more. Hope that helps.

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