We Get Around

I think it is amazing how many people look at our blog, and from all over the world.  We started this blog on December 13th, 2010 as we were finishing CDL school and choosing a company.  I was pretty surprised to learn there was very little practical information available on what we were about to do.  We were going to live in a truck, or as we usually say, a 60 square foot apartment and we had no idea what this would be like.  We could not find any full descriptions of what to expect or advice on how to prepare.  So that was our ultimate goal when we started this, to make it a little easier for others and also to keep in touch with friends and family.

As of today we have had 55,500 visitors to our blog from 53 countries. That is crazy.  I thought it would be kind of cool to list some of the search terms people have used to find our blog and following that I will include a list of the Countries that have visited.  At least I think it is interesting (and some of the search terms are pretty funny)

Search Terms – this is not even close to a complete list.  Just selected.

A whole bunch of variations of our names of course and then…

The wheels on the truck go round and round
husband and wife team drivers (and every combination of this you could think of)
we stop for tiki bars (I love this one)
inside view of semi trucks
us express orientation
are there many husband-wife trucking teams?
team trucking blog
hot truck drivers (Anne loves this one)
married team drivers
pike place market
Vero Beach bars
job I really love
tiki bars at truck stops
employees of margaritaville (do you see a pattern?)
life of husband wife truck drivers
positive thoughts about how great I am
tire explosion
what Anne wants
sitting in a truck stop
life could be a lot worse
at dinner time we had
my daughter looks like a chipmunk wisdom teeth removed
what to do with a rolling chipmunk
I’m going to gush
hissing sound palm springs

  • Views by Country Since February 25th, 2012
Country Views
United States 23,223
Australia 458
Canada 442
Ireland 249
United Kingdom 55
Spain 44
Sweden 27
Germany 26
India 20
Brazil 17
France 16
Indonesia 16
Russian Federation 8
Thailand 8
Colombia 8
Malaysia 6
Chile 5
Cyprus 5
Taiwan 5
Czech Republic 4
Philippines 4
Argentina 4
Netherlands 4
Iraq 3
Venezuela 3
Ukraine 2
Ecuador 2
Serbia 2
Nigeria 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Republic of Korea 2
Hong Kong 2
Israel 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Kenya 1
Qatar 1
Lebanon 1
Armenia 1
Pakistan 1
Norway 1
Latvia 1
Bangladesh 1
Bolivia 1
Zimbabwe 1
Syrian Arab Republic 1
Peru 1
Switzerland 1
Trinidad and Tobago 1
Cambodia 1
Albania 1
Afghanistan 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
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5 Responses to We Get Around

  1. Congratulations! A lot of truckers really do consider your site as a great source for trucking information. Best regards from Grammer Australia .

    • Craig says:

      Thank you so much. Crazy how many people read this blog. If we ever move to Australia and need new seats for the truck, we now know where to go. Nice website

  2. We are preparing to team over the road as a couple, so I totally appreciate your blog. I would imagine my perception of what we are going to embark upon is a smidget of actual reality.

    I recently closed a business, and I write, with several active blogs online. The search terms that I see are a lot of fun, interesting and entertaining! Enjoyed reading yours.

    Best wishes!


  3. Connie McKenna says:

    Wow! You should sell advertising banners! (i’m not kidding!)

  4. Kate says:

    Amazing how websites can tell you this! I am baffled by these search terms:
    pike place market, employees of margaritaville, positive thoughts about how great I am, what Anne wants, what to do with a rolling chipmunk…
    … for what purpose on earth would people be needing to look these up?! lol
    I’m not surprised about the following, you are a very entertaining couple & I always enjoy hearing about your travels.

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