Five Star Cuisine

So we were just North of Wichita Kansas needed to find a place to wait while our fleet manager looked for a load for us.  I checked our GPS and there was am independent truck stop a couple of miles away.  I called and asked “do you have a restaurant?”  The answer “oh yes, we have a restaurant.”  A dusty dirt lot and a small place.  We were very skeptical but thought we should look inside.  This is what we found.



One small table, a microwave and a cooler full of burritos.  I guess he thought we would not notice.  Pretty funny on a morning we really needed a laugh.

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4 Responses to Five Star Cuisine

  1. Brett Neely says:

    That’s funny stuff! Hope you cracked the windows after that meal…or did you opt to dine someplace a bit less formal? lol

    • Craig says:

      Oh heck no we did not eat there. We ate in the truck. Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally above a frozen burrito every once in a while but I was not going to spend a penny there after being lied to.

  2. Jade says:

    Now that’s what I call fine dining!!

  3. Dad Leonard says:

    Now THAT was a switch from your usual discovery of phenomenal, never-before-heard of great places to eat (most of which the rest of us red-necks will never have a chance to see). Looking forward to the next report.

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