Gone but never forgotten.

USX was a great experience for Craig and I.  I don’t think we could have chosen a better company to have started out with.  In November we decided to make a switch to another company, though still under USX.  We had high hopes that this company would be as successful for us as USX.  Unfortunately there were issues pretty much from the start with them.  Freight was done, they lost a key account and to be honest they seemed a little disorganized.  We tried to stay with it but it got to the point we were running more empty miles than loaded and doing multiple resets every week.

Craig has done a lot of research on companies for the past two years.  Trying to figure out where we wanted to land when we had our own truck and came up with one he thought was a cool fit.  What we were looking for was great people and the ability to book some of our own loads.  As Craig says, we don’t need to make more money, we need to make what we are making now and drive 20 days a month instead of 27.  That will allow us to spend more time with family and friends.  Connie and Steve are making the switch too.  We are going through orientation this weekend in Chattanooga and will share more information later.

I don’t want people to be worried that something bad happened.  It was mostly just that our current company was not able to keep us moving like we wanted.  Our experience ended up a little on a sour note but that has nothing to do with USX.  It’s just time to make a change.  We are super excited about this new adventure and will keep you all posted on it.  Monday is the beginning of the next chapter.

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3 Responses to Gone but never forgotten.

  1. msconniemac says:

    Orientation with our new company was awesome! We are so blessed to have found them thanks to Craig and thrilled to have made the switch together!! We couldn’t ask for a better team to drive for us :).

  2. Ginnie and Mark Terry says:

    We are looking forward to hearing about the next leg of your big adventure. It sounds like you’ve had quite a few decisions and changes recently. Best of luck and keep us posted!!

  3. jdhays says:

    Good luck and God speed in your new adventure. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated the consistently positive energy you have regarding all the situations you find yourselves in. I’ve considered the trucking life myself and have found your blogs helpful in my own discernment.

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