We are the proud parents of a 2009 780 Volvo

I wrote this a couple weeks ago and didn’t realize I hadn’t posted it……
The truck is officially ours!! It has been a long week and we won’t be in the truck until Monday. Amazing how long things can take with a truck or a truck dealer for that matter. We thought we were getting the truck yesterday and would have the weekend to put it all together but they didn’t have the correct cable to hook up our inverter. It will be here on Monday and then we can roll. Also the department that takes care of the licensing is only open Mon-Thurs. Who knew. I was getting frustrated but heck what can you do. We did take one car load of stuff and piled it in a corner of the truck. Craig built a couple shelves for the sides and he is putting them in today. Hopefully the smell of the stain will dissipate by Monday 🙂
We are so excited to get running again. But as we have said before in trucking you can’t count on anything LOL. We just changed our CDL to Washington State. Our licenses were lost in the mail and we have until June 13 to get up there to take another picture before our temporary expires. If its not one thing, Its another for sure. But hey our first run will be 2500 miles. That isn’t a bad thing.

Now to continue……
We LOVE our truck. We have been in it for a couple weeks and are super happy. We did breakdown already. Of course I was driving, ALWAYS when I am driving. We were just inside the South Dakota – Wyoming border. Middle of nowhere to say the least. We had just added towing coverage to our policy so we were thankful. 70 miles we were towed to the Volvo dealer in Rapid City SD. What a great little town. We checked into the hotel and hit the town. As we were heading to the local tavern we got the call that our truck was ready. Couldn’t believe it but we were grateful!! We were only a day behind. Things always work out though. We couldn’t deliver until Monday so we figured we’d spend Father’s Day with Craig’s dad in Snohomish. Enroute we were able to meet up with Craig’s Mom and oldest sister. They were heading to Wisconsin on a road trip and we stopped and had lunch. What a great weekend. Good food, good weather and good family. Craig’s baby brother and family stopped by the house with the nephews and Elvis (their adorable dog) The boys jumped in the pool and Craig had made some ribs. MMMM MMMM good. Father’s Day we spent with Craig’s oldest brother and family. Saw all the nephews and nieces. Baby Trent is getting so big!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The biggest perk of this job is seeing all the people we love and seeing this amazing country. We have not stopped since. We headed out Tuesday last week and it is Sunday today and we are heading back to Washington to deliver tomorrow. Life is good!

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4 Responses to We are the proud parents of a 2009 780 Volvo

  1. Val says:

    How do you like Washington? My husband is a driver and wants to move there. What part do you live in When you are there?

    • Craig says:

      We love Washington. I grew up in Bothell. My parents live in Snohomish which is just East of Everett. Our plan is to buy a boat and live aboard on Lake Union in downtown Seattle. Really plan to mostly spend just summers there as it can be very dreary in the winter. Absolutely beautiful there.

  2. phil & ginger says:

    congrats, male or female?

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