Our FIRST Guest Blogger!!!

So here it is, we asked Danny, the Zookeeper who traveled round trip to Maine with us, to write a blog post for us.  Here you go.  We love this kid and had a great time traveling with him.  I did promise not to edit it……Craig

Danny’s  blog………..

I’m not much of a blogger…but when Craig and Anne asked me to write one I was excited to share our great time together. Lets start out by introducing myself, my name is Danny.  I’ve worked at gw zoo for five years now and have enjoyed every day caring for such animals like lions, leopards, tigers, monkey’s and bears as well as many other amazing animals.

Now since I’ve worked there I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to go out and rescue big cats and see first hand what animals go through before they come to our park.  So of course when the opportunity came by to go to Maine and rescue a bunch of animals I jumped on the chance…now they said I would be traveling with two others in a semi cab. Not knowing the two crazy people which I found out they really were, I was worried….after packing I came out on the park to meet up with this mysterious couple…I introduced myself and showed them around…wondering what my first impression was. Well it was o boy this is going to be an interesting five day trip. After showing them around I asked if they wanted to go and play with some baby tigers. U should of seen Anne’s face it was so priceless. We walk in the house and baby tigers were walking around,,now we came in at a good time because they were able to feed these beautiful babies a bottle. As I watched they both looked like two kids on Christmas morning. Now after the babies we began to get ready to hit the road.

The first day or so we were all trying to figure each other out, kinda awkward. Now skipping ahead, we get to Maine we rest for the night at a walmart parking lot. The next morning were staving so we look for a place to eat some lobster. We find a place walk in and being confused as we were, we ask for a lobster, apparently you can choose small medium or large, felt like I was at McDonald’s. We get a medium, place the order and find our seat. Now me, since I’ve never have eaten seafood ever especially lobster, now imagining what it would taste like in my mind disgusting. But since they both kept insisting I thought I’d try one.  Now the lobsters come out and I’m thinking gross.  I put put on a bib as Anne is teaching me how to get the most meat out I take a bite and I’m like yumm actually tasted lot better than I thought. We eat through our meal while we tear literally into these lobsters. Now personally I don’t think I’ll ever try lobsters again.  But worth the experience. Now we take off  and head out.

Now the next day Craig looks for a place to eat and finds a place called “Martha’s diner” now looking from the outside I never would of eaten there but since Craig insisted we go ..I go in and grab a seat while both are changing in the cab. They come in we order coffee and of course Anne does not like half and half creamer so she gets the real stuff. We meet our server. Forgot her name but she was fun. She has this Brooklyn like accent. I try to copy the accent but totally killed it. So anyway Craig asks about going to the bar harbor island, she tells us to meet this free bus at this gas station which would take us. We hop on and eventually hop off which was apparently too early thanks Craig, Haha. We get to this beautiful place, we get to the harbor stop at this bar grab some good food. Me chicken fingers Craig and Anne some lobster roll which looked nasty but they seemed to enjoy it. We finish and head out to go shopping. Now don’t ever leave Anne alone shopping, she crazy shops haha. We eventually catch a cab to get back to the truck to head to the rescue.

We get to the park and find these poor animals in terrible conditions. Poor lion and tigers. Anne actually helped us out she was called nurse Anne which was pretty funny..we get the animals loaded six hours later. Hop in the truck and head back to the park from Maine to South Oklahoma.

Now on the way back was more of a blast with this funny, very sarcastic couple. You just never know when they are serious. At moments I thought they were going like kick one another out of the truck, as in Anne kicking Craig out ..but they are such great people that these can never stay mad for more then two minutes at each other. All and all we drop the animals off. The trip was a great and successful one..riding with this couple taught me never stay mad, always be positive. If something goes wrong don’t get mad just be just disappointed instead that it didn’t go out the way u wanted and move on….I swear this couple needs seriously a tv show with them…america would so love to meet these two fun sometimes crazy people. I travel and meet thousands of people a day or so and I never met a couple quite like these two. I love them both and am so glad I got to experience my first big cat rescue with these two awesome people..o by the way Anne is such a worry wart.

Lol lmao haha tehehe rotflmao
Love you guys u two were amazing


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3 Responses to Our FIRST Guest Blogger!!!

  1. june in florida says:

    Whoops forgot the “E”, sorry Anne.

  2. june in florida says:

    Really good job Danny. You should start your own blog, i know Ann would read it to see how her babies are growing and me definitely.

  3. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    What the heck are you talking about my shopping habits lol. Everyone needs a sweatshirt or two, charm, and Xmas ornament. Also what is this sarcasm you mention? Just teasing. Thanks for the blog and so glad we met you and had this adventure. How you don’t like lobster is a whole other blog. But then again I would live on seafood if I had my choice!

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