On to another chapter in our story.

Last week was by far the absolute worst week of our entire driving experience. Our truck has turned into a bucket of broken pieces and dripping oil. After having a new turbo put in and changing the 6th injector we headed on our way to Texas. We made it 80 miles from our delivery. We broke down near Houston Texas at 4 in the morning. Craig was able to get the truck to an off ramp and coast to a stop with just the back tires on the white line. Fuel in the oil AGAIN. We sat trying to decide what to do and waited. Knock on the door a little later and our neighborhood police are there. Then the sheriff arrived. We ended up calling to be towed and they showed up 4 hours later. Our tow guy turned out to be awesome. After much conversation of what to do we made the choice to be towed 800 miles home. The reason behind this was we didn’t want to damage the truck. We knew we wouldn’t make it back to Chattanooga and Charlie, the tow truck operator gave us some great news. He could tow us home and his company would deliver our load. Our insurance company is covering a majority of the cost. A very valuable lesson we learned. HAVE GOOD INSURANCE. This saved our butts. Especially after putting $6000 plus dollars into a truck that we can’t use.
We figured out that we have owned our truck for 110 days. We have been broken down for 30 of those days and dropped some dough into this girl. It has been incredibly frustrating and truthfully this past week I don’t think I’ve been that depressed in forever. I just felt that no matter what we did we were getting slammed, kicked and punched. We were trying to look for the silver lining but truthfully, there wasn’t one. I don’t know why things like this happen but if there is a lesson in here. I have no idea what it might be. What should have been an amazing experience for us turned into a nightmare. We kept thinking it had to get better. Once the regen would be fixed it would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately that just never happened. It is so frustrating to have been given this opportunity to buy the truck and have it turn out this way. But that’s life. That is the way it works out and we hopefully will learn something positive out of it all. Today I can feel a little more optimistic. We spent a couple days at home. Unpacking and meeting friends for lunch, cleaning up the house, hanging pictures and watching some football. We are healthy and happy. We have a wonderful life together, awesome kids and the Seahawks are kicking butt. Now if the Redskins were playing better I’d be way happier but you know life is good. (They beat Oakland thank goodness). You have to find the good sometimes but it is there somewhere. I always want to be looking for the positive. Even when you have to dig deep down for it, it is there. Life is so much more fun with a smile on your face!! We are also accepting positive thoughts and prayers today when we go to the dealer where we bought our truck. Keep your fingers and toes crossed they work with us regarding the truck.




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5 Responses to On to another chapter in our story.

  1. Christine says:

    Anne and Craig,
    I always enjoy reading your posts even the not so good stuff going on. I appreciate you honesty and efforts at keeping it positive. Keep your heads up and hang in there you are in my prayers.
    Sending positive thoughts and well wishes for your visit to the dealer.

  2. msconniemac says:

    once youre an owner operator, it is near impossible to go back to company driver status 😦

    Anne and Craig, i hope that you got good news today at the dealership!! i’ve been praying for you and know that it will all work out!!

    keep smiling! 🙂

    love you both,


  3. Mary Adachi says:

    Wow. Just wow.
    Good luck. You know people are reading your blog even if they never post.
    Take care and don’t stress. It’s not worth the effort… :0)

  4. Ginnie and Mark says:

    Wow, I can “hear” the frustration. You’ve had some amazingly trying times recently, but I know that with the positive attitudes that you both bring to the situation, things will work out for the best. Regardless of what that “best” will be. Hang in there and know that many, many people are sending you prayers and good thoughts.

    Hubby and I are about 5 months from starting school to receive our CDLs and have often looked to you two for inspiration.

    Ginnie and Mark

  5. Jade says:

    Does this mean y’all are going back to company drivers? I’m sorry you guys have been through the “truck ringer”!

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