It’s looking like a good year 2014

After last year I am spooked to say good things about our truck. But we do love her a lot and she is being a good girl this year. We have had a couple little bumps but she is running beautifully. We are getting great gas mileage and running pretty consistently. It makes me wonder where we would be this year if she had been running this well since day one. You live and learn though and the one thing I can definitely tell you about trucking is. Sh*t happens. It just does no matter what you think. You just have to be prepared. I swear after last year we deserve some smooth sailing!
We have spent time with most of the family in the last month. That is the biggest reason we love our job. Honestly what other job enables you to go where you want, when you want. I’d be lying if I told you everyday I love driving a truck. There are days I seriously want to get out and stay at home. But then there are those days that you see the most beautiful sights out on the road, or you meet the coolest person or you are just with the one you love.
Craig and I do love what we do and love doing it together. Living in a small area has its challenges but I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else. Now don’t be shocked… but we do bicker. But we bicker everywhere. It’s what we do I’ve realized. Some think we are serious and sometimes we are. But most of the time it’s just bantering. I’m blessed to have Craig in my life and my children’s lives. I’m blessed to be able to see the sunrises and sunsets from every state (except Alaska and Hawaii).
I’m excited to see where we are professionally in a couple months of continuous driving. I have finally stopped thinking that every noise is going to shut us down. She is a beautiful truck and we do love her!!

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3 Responses to It’s looking like a good year 2014

  1. Dad says:

    A beautiful post, Lady. So good to see your days on the bright and shiny said again. And keep up the;bickering. I’m something of a veteran in that arena. Dad Leonard

  2. truckingmba says:

    Reblogged this on The Trucking MBA and commented:
    Anyone, like myself, that thought you couldn’t do all sorts of fun and different things in trucking needs to flow and read Anne and Craig’s blog. They are the true “Paid Tourists”.

  3. Big Bad Bill says:

    Bicker? You guys? Noooooo way.

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