Farm2Fleet’s new opportunity

As you know, if you have read this blog, we are leased on to Farm2Fleet. A somewhat small, very fast growing, trucking company out of Chattanooga. We love it here and have no plans to go anywhere else. We did get tempted though. We were presented by another opportunity that almost had us move……to Farm2Fleet.

OK, it does not sound very dramatic but it would have been a big change.  F2F has teamed with Covenant, a very large trucking company out of Chattanooga and we are now running their expedite division, Covenant Solutions.  If we were just starting out as O/O, we would have probably gone this direction.  It takes a lot of the work out of what we are doing as they do all the dispatch.  So no working the load boards to try to find loads and still paid on percentage, not per mile (that is a big deal).  They have a pool of trailers so a lot of drop and hook freight and you run under Covenants authority so you get huge fuel discounts, tire discounts and you can use Covenants shop for repairs at pretty amazing rates.  Best of all you would get all of these huge company benefits and still be dispatched by Farm2Fleet.  Kind of a win-win.

Why did we not move?  Not sure yet if this would be good for teams, we may still go this route in the future.

Bill Hood, owner and founder of Farm2Fleet, just did a quick video about this opportunity so I thought I would post it here.  You may notice that Shelby is the contact he mentions and yes, that is our daughter.  She rocks.  Here is shelby’s email if you have questions.


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