“Yelping” Since 2009

One of the ways we make life awesome on the road is making sure we make time to have fun. It really does take planning as you cannot park a 70 foot vehicle just anywhere. When we are going to be stopping for a bit I generally look for a Walmart or other good option that allows truck parking and then we do a google map search. I start with satellite view so I can actually see how we are going to get in and out of a parking space. I then look around for great (or even good) places to eat. If it is football season we are often looking for a sports bar to watch games. Even though we can’t drink it is still fun, especially if you are in the local area of the team that is playing YOUR team this week. I am reminded of a Sunday when we parked at the Pilot in Denham Springs Louisiana. We love this spot as there are a couple of very good restaurants next door including sushi and bbq. There is also a Hooters for sports. We had stopped to watch Anne’s beloved Redskins (they should NEVER give up the name by the way) We are in the bar and Anne is the only person rooting for the redskins in a packed sports bar. She looks at me and says, “wow, I cannot believe how many people are wearing Saints jerseys” (the opponent). I laughed so hard and said “gosh, it is almost like we are in Louisiana” I love her blonde moments.

I also have the advantage when we are traveling of my past experience.  I used to have to travel all over the country working with our salespeople and entertaining clients so I usually have a number of favorite restaurants in a major city.

The tool we use the most to find great food is Yelp.  It is a website and an app for peer reviews of all types of businesses but it is very robust with restaurant reviews.  I joined Yelp in July of 2009 and I use it every day.  I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for new, great places to patronize.  Feel free to friend request me on Yelp.

I am at www.craigcleonard.yelp.com

I am very stingy with five star reviews so if you are near a place I have rated that high, you are crazy not to make it happen.  I mean, it would be worth a rental car or taxi ride.

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  1. Excellent Blog!!! Thank you for sharing.. Keep on Truckin!!

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