Enough Time Has Passed

OK, I have waited long enough.  About two years ago we had an interesting experience.

Anne posted a blog sometime in the Spring of 2012 about a great paycheck we received.  Because of just missing the pay cutoff on a 2500 mile load the following paycheck had something like 8700 miles on it.  A couple of days later a “friend” (I use the term loosely) who is also a team driver posted on their blog about “Lying drivers”  and I quote…

“so any Team telling you that they run 7500 to 8000 miles in a week in a company truck are just liars. Do the math…unless you have a truck that runs 75 mph 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, running those kind of miles legally is not possible. Plus even if you drive out your 70 hours of drive time per person per week and you average 65 mph, which doesn’t include, stopping to go to the bathroom, eating or putting fuel in your truck, any type of construction in your path, shift changes, laundry, grocery shopping, loading and unloading, taking a shower or waiting on dispatch to give you your next load, which anyone who drives a truck knows all of these things must happen to make it possible to do your job, can drive a maximum of 9100. But reality is you average your trips at 50 mph. So on average company trucks are governed at 65 mph, but factoring in all of the things above you must do to keep your truck rolling and the people driving it fairly happy, you use the 50 mph rule. So, let’s do the math…50 mph x 140 driving hours (70 hours each) is a MAXIMUM of 7000 miles.”

It was obviously a slam at Anne and her post but clearly she had not understood that Anne was not talking about miles driven in a week but miles paid for.  It took us almost 10 days to drive those miles.  I understand not understanding but did she ask Anne about it?  She knew we read the blog so it was, shall we say, a bit rude.  I also need to point out that the text above was edited.  Her original post had the math all wrong.  Pretty funny.  We decided to shrug it off as we attempt to live positively.  Then about six weeks later I posted something on MY Facebook page that offended this woman.  Looking back what I posted was probably not the nicest thing to say and I ended up deleting it but in my defense, it WAS about Roseanne Barr.  This person felt the need to chastise me on my FB page.  Look, if you do not like what I say, you can hide my updates or unfriend me.  Completely your choice.  I do not, however, have to be scolded on my page.  I decided enough was enough as I never really liked her anyway as her stories of her past did not add up.  ie: you do not close a successful business, you close a failing business and sell a successful one.  I have done both in my past.  Way too negative for me.  So I unfriended her on FB.  This is when it got funny.  Below is the comment she tried to post on our blog.  Since she had never commented before, it had to be approved.  Which I, of course, did not do.

“Wow…I can’t believe you would unfriend me on Facebook for sharing my opinion on how ignorant you truly are….sure does show your true colors.

How sad that you can’t take any criticism…and you call yourself a Christian”

Not only did I laugh my ass off but I have learned in life that the words “and you call yourself a Christian” would never be uttered by someone who understands what it means to have a true relationship with our Lord.  By the way, she also sent another message very similar since that one did not post telling me I needed to “have a long hard look at my sole”  I am just not that flexible.  lol

So after seeing this attempted post, Anne had seen enough and unfriended her on FB also.  Her response (and I am not making this up) was, “I cannot believe you would unfriend me for telling your husband how ignorant he is”

Anyway, it takes all kinds

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2 Responses to Enough Time Has Passed

  1. Terry Gamble says:

    Sometimes the ignorant ones give us enough humor to make it through the day. 🙂

  2. Lauren Hood says:

    Come on, Craig…. use your yoga talent!!! I love the “Christian” comment. Wow. Pitiful.

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