The Struggle is Real

My awesome daughter Aleena is volunteering at school in Albania for the summer. Her blog is pretty awesome.

Adventures of a Future Immigrant

Take heed, this post will be silly and unnecessary, although most likely entertaining. You have been warned.

Last week, I was talking to a friend back home. This particular friend is one of the few people I am completely unguarded with and he is the lucky recipient of every single weird thought and unflattering story that happens to pop into my head while we are talking. We were about an hour and a half into a particularly vibrant discussion when he suddenly said to me, “Aleena, your struggle is real”.

That comment lead to a conversation that will comprise today’s post. This is an elaborated list of some little things here that, while not incredibly detrimental or life-changing, are varying degrees of annoying.

1. I had fried eggs for breakfast every single day last week. Luckily Raisma gives me bread and usually some jam or something, so I can disguise…

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