Where did they all come from?

So, a few days ago Anne put up a post about Chick-fil-A and her experience there and “Miss Mary”.  Somebody, somewhere has done something with that post (we think on Facebook) and our blog has exploded with new views.  We are talking in the thousands of new views.  I had sent a thank you for the staff to Chick-fil-A corporate so maybe that is where it is coming from.   Kind of crazy.  Whomever it was, thank you.  You probably never thought you would be reading about truck drivers.

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1 Response to Where did they all come from?

  1. Ginnie Terry says:

    Once they start reading, they’ll be hooked! Next thing you know a whole new crop of truck drivers will be on the road. And all because you went to Chik-fil-a and met Miss Mary. Good job!!!

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