I need some red duct tape please.

Why does everything happen when I am driving. I am minding my own business. Listening to my audio book in West Virginia and BAM. Freaking boom that scared the bageebies out of me. Look in my side mirror and just see tons of debris. Craig is woken up and I immediately pull over so we can figure out what happened. I know we blew a tire but not sure which one. Of course it had to be a drive tire. The problem with losing the drive tire was we lost part of the side of our truck called the fairing. Now what is the drive tire for those of you that don’t drive. A semi has 18 wheels in total. Your tractor had 10 tires.The two steer tires in front and then 8 drive tires on your tractor. Then 8 tires on your trailer. I’d much rather lose a trailer tire any day, We have lost numerous trailer tires over the years. This was our first drive tire and once we lost a steer tire. The steer tire was the only one that made me want to stop driving. It still scares me when I think about it. But this is part of trucking. Luckily no one was hurt. We were able to get the tire replaced and make our delivery on time. Now we just have to find a replacement side for our truck because we honestly look like the Clampetts.


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3 Responses to I need some red duct tape please.

  1. Jimmy says:

    Get rid of the re-caps, thats all they are good for….

  2. Ogden Miller says:

    We are just happy to hear that you and Craig survived without physical injury even though mental cost! J and O

  3. connie says:

    ouchies!! glad youre okay 🙂

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