Quick stop at home.

We made a quick stop at home. Love being able to sleep in my own bed. We needed to swap trailers. We were having issues with the one we had. We picked up a Fed Ex load in Memphis. They do a trailer inspection and shockingly our trailer didn’t pass. We had low tire pressure in one tire and we had to take it to be fixed and have a receipt for the repairs. Turns out it was just a nail but it delayed us a few hours. We get back to Fed Ex and get the trailer approved. Pull to a dock and something isn’t right. Our trailer is 6 inches higher than the dock. Bizarre. After Craig tried everything. The yard dog lifted the trailer front so they could load it. I think they really needed this load delivered but finally we hit the road. I stop to get the trailer fixed and find the trailer is back to normal. Weird. Make our delivery on time and meet up with Craig’s dad in Hermiston Or. He was working there and we had to drop our trailer to be unloaded. We had a few hours to kill and a Mariners game to watch. Win win for us all. We pick up our empty trailer and head to Fife to pick up our next load heading to Tn. This load has 3 drops and we end up at the final drop. back up to the dock and yup you guessed it. Our trailer is 6 inches too high again. Luckily they were able to unload with no problem and we headed to Chattanooga. Dropped the trailer and picked up a new one. Came home to throw some laundry in and ran out to visit the girls at their new jobs. Shelby is a server at T. Mac and Aleena is working at the Grocery Bar. We also were lucky enough to meet up with some new friends for dinner. A few months ago we met Angie and Bill at a shipper in Cali. We ended up getting their load and they had to wait an extra day. Craig and I felt so bad about this we said we owed them dinner next time we met up. They happen to live in Chattanooga and were in town last night. Their load was picking up at 3am. I love the people you meet driving. Angie is definitely a new friend and look forward to spending more time together.
This weekend is the beginning of football for CJ. We just booked a load to Denver. Then we pick up the next load heading to Wa but since its a holiday weekend. We will go to the game and hang out for a couple days. Love when everything works out according to plan. I like being a paid tourist. Now I just need to get to Cali so I can see Tyler. Or need him to come to Chattanooga.

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2 Responses to Quick stop at home.

  1. Mary A says:

    Love your reports. Partially from reading your blog, I’m now driving expedited straight truck for F2F. Looking for a codriver, tho.
    Take care

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