Brutal and emotional week.



This past week has been one of the worst weeks for Craig and I. Our 3 year old Chihuahua Ed had to have major surgery. He was having issues peeing and we thought he might have a urinary infection. Then he was unable to pee and off to River Emergency vet we went. He had 9 stones in his urethra, a pint of fluid in his abdomen and his bladder was distended. He ended up having a urethrostomy. His surgery was supposed to be 1 to 1.5 hours and ended up being 5 hours. He wasn’t doing well under the anesthesia at the start but got him stable. There was a lot of damage from the stones. The surgery went well but it was the longest day of my life. We went to the vet at 8 am and the surgery didn’t end until close to 9pm. I truly didn’t think Ed was going to make it and wasn’t sure how Craig would take it. Craig did not want another dog. He really was angry at me when I brought Ed home but now Craig is head over heels in love with this dog. He is the querkiest dog I have ever owned but has such a great personality and ADORES Craig.

The surgery was a week ago today and things are improving. Ed had to stay in the hospital until Tuesday. They were having a problem controlling his bleeding and we thought he would need a transfusion. He was heavily sedated. I brought him home on Tuesday. He is improving every day but still has a couple weeks of recovery. Yesterday I took him back to the vet because I was concerned he isn’t drinking and was getting dehydrated.  He wasn’t.  I did find out that Ed could be a guard dog anywhere. When the vet came in and tried to touch Ed he turned into a raving lunatic. My jaw dropped open I was so shocked. The vet was like Yup that is the way he acted while with them. I truly couldn’t believe how he was snarling and growling. Now I know why they wanted him sedated so much. He was crazy dog. At home he is just snuggling in our arms or sleeping in his pen. Craig and I owe a huge debt to River Vet. No pun intended but we are truly grateful for the great care they gave Ed and were incredibly patient with all my phone calls.


This weekend Craig Jr is graduating from Colorado State University and Elizabeth’s bridal party. Unfortunately we had to make the decision what to do with Ed. He is a lot of work so we decided that Craig would fly out to Denver and I would stay home with Ed. Totally bummed I am missing the festivities but being as I will see them in a couple weeks at their wedding. The decision was easier. Congratulations Craig and Elizabeth. You will be in my thoughts.

Tomorrow Ed goes in for his check up with his surgeon and hoping for a smooth recovery. They won’t remove the staples for another week and then he is supposed to stay quiet for an additional week. I can’t wait until Ed is back to being Ed. He is so sad to watch but grateful he is on the mend.

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