Our New Money Pit

Let’s hope it is nothing like the last truck when it comes to the bottomless hole we threw money into.  But two trips equals two repairs so far.  This one was a little painful, however.  We ran a load to Dallas and then found a team load to Seattle that delivered on early Sunday morning so we had a wonderful 24 hours at my parents home.  I got to see two of my sisters also.  We then found a team load heading to Minnesota.  Thief River Falls MN is a LONG way from anywhere but the drive was very pretty.  We then found a load to Berea KY.  We stopped for fuel after we picked up the load and the headlights were on even though the switch was off.  It turns out our high beams, brake lights, turn signals and upper running lights are not working.  We call the local Volvo Dealer and they cannot get us in for days.  He recommends the local truck so we go there and the mechanics are awesome and check everything they can but it seems to be the light control module which is a Volvo part and can only be replaced by Volvo.  Since we are under a load (and really want to get home) we decide to drive.  Just keeping lots of space around us and driving slow so nobody stays behind us.  We make the delivery and get home, drop the truck at Volvo and hang out with the kids and grand kids in the pool for a couple of days   We had an awesome Fathers Day and Volvo did not order the part in time on Friday so the truck was not fixed until Tuesday.  They found a couple more things wrong and only $2,300 later we are ready to roll.  Picking up a load to Michigan this afternoon and hope to be out for two weeks.  Our son Tyler has been home with us since the wedding and that has been wonderful but he is heading back to California Friday so saying goodbye kinda sucks.  Working on getting him to move to Chattanooga and hoping that is actually going to happen.


Fathers Day was VERY Successful


Tyler having a hard day


Grandma and Scarlett


It is a rough life


Go Mariners!

scarlett and ed

Scarlett and her guard dog Ed!

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