Step One (and two) Complete

So, we both passed our tests yesterday and received our Commercial Drivers Licenses. Anne is taking great joy in the fact that after I was a bit smug about my backing abilities, I pulled a 12 on the test……..13 is failing. Very close call. Regardless, that task is done. Step two is we have selected an employer. US Xpress Enterprises. We had a bit of a limited choice as an absolute deal killer was a pet policy. We head to Irving Texas the day after Christmas to start Orientation on the 27th. Three days of paperwork and testing and then we will each head out with a mentor/trainer for three weeks on the road. We are so ready to move forward with this big change in our lives.

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5 Responses to Step One (and two) Complete

  1. TravelinJess says:

    I’m confused, I thought you had to go to school first, then get your CDL, did you guys have driving experience before this?

  2. Thomas Nash says:

    If you need some help on logging or iany pointers you look me up 7 yrs with Schneider

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