I think we need to get used to this!

If there is one thing I learned about the trucking industry from all of my research, it is that you need to be flexible and expect things to change.  Today started out as planned.  Anne and I went to the Colorado Motor Vehicle office to turn in our Certificate and actually get our Commercial Drivers Licenses.  No problem there.  Then we took the Hazmat Endorsement Exam.  After I passed the Hazmat, I called our recruiter in Tennessee to ask a few questions.  While I was talking to Lee, someone from US Xpress called Anne to verify application info, when Anne told him we had just gotten our CDL’s he asked if we had the hard copy with the picture on it.  Oh Oh…….  It turns out we have to have the hard copy to attend orientation.  So we are now scheduled for orientation on January 10th.  We are so ready to get to work it is very disappointing.   We just need to roll with it and as usual, God probably has a plan.  (OK, I know God has a plan, what I meant was, I probably have not come to terms with the plan yet)

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