Day One of Orientation Completed

Day one of orientation was great. Anne is all done with the paperwork and drive test. I held the door open at the Medical Clinic for everyone and so was last in line (big mistake and the last time I will be nice), a couple of hours later my DOT physical and Drug Screen were completed while Anne was back at USX getting her drive test completed. I will get mine tomorrow.  Instructor is awesome and pretty funny.   Pretty impressed so far and we are feeling very confident that we have made the right choice.  We met Anna who had contacted us on a message board about US Xpress.  She has worked as a driver for USX since April and is at the Irving Terminal getting some repairs done on her truck.  She actually drove us to get our drug tests and physicals.  Very nice person.

After we got back to the hotel, we went out to dinner with a bunch of our new (almost) coworkers.  We went to a great little Mexican Restaurant, Taqueria Arandero and the food was excellent.  Anne and I split a large burrito that was very tasty and two steak tacos.  Huge dinner for two for ten dollars, pretty sweet.  One of the people with us, Connie, had maybe the worlds most perfect dinner.  I quote from the menu “Alambres – Fajitas marinated with bacon, bell peppers and onions served with rice, re-fried beans, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes and tortillas”

Yes, that is right……. MARINATED WITH BACON……  It cannot be improved!


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1 Response to Day One of Orientation Completed

  1. Thomas Nash says:

    So Glad to see your wife enjoying the process, “you both will do great!”

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