Waiting for a trainer

OK, we both passed through orientation and we were hired by US Xpress.  HUGE relief and a paycheck on the way.  We are now waiting for our training drivers.  The next step is to drive 150 hours with me behind the wheel.  The first 75 hours, my trainer is not allowed to drive and just sits in the passenger seat and observes.  The second half we can operate as a team and he can sleep while I drive.  This usually takes about three weeks to complete.  Then we will be sent to Chattanooga for our upgrade test to a First Seat Driver.  This consists of a road test and a written test.  I have already been assigned my trainer  and will be picked up tonight here in Dallas.  Anne’s training coordinator is trying to get her out so we finish at (about) the same time.  We have a plan!  If they do not find her a trainer today, she is going to take the bus to Chattanooga instead of home.  USX is based in Chattanooga and a ton of freight goes through there, she should be able to get out quickly and she can stay with Jason and Anna (and see Jackson).  I got so freaking lucky, my trainer is on a dedicated run for Family Dollar Stores from Denver to Houston.  I will get two days off a week at home during training.  Pretty unheard of.  Going to sit in the drivers lounge and watch Eastern Washington University win the national FCS championship tonight and then start driving.  Pretty excited.

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